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 Dobutso Dual Academy

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PostSubject: Dobutso Dual Academy   Sat Oct 06, 2012 8:39 pm

One building, hundreds of classes and special opportunities offered to thousands of unsuspecting humans.
For centuries this school has played a part in the history of hosting to the growing zodiac families in the
running for fame. The principal of the school actually gives access through a deal to the elders.
And though erasing memories would be no problem with such connections, it is still highly
advised that the families keep the school a school, and don't turn it into a zoo.

[Consists of Grades: 8th Grade - Year 4 of College]
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PostSubject: Re: Dobutso Dual Academy   Sun Nov 18, 2012 8:36 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Dobutso Dual Academy   Sun Jan 27, 2013 11:52 pm

Class A
For this room, there was a light radio playing a calming
yet exhilarating orchestrated tune to get the young minds going.
At least...that was the effect he was going for.

Seated at his desk in all of his proper glory sat Sir Afon.
His elbow leaned against his desk as his hand was under his chin.

A book laid at the fingertips of his other hand as he turned the page
slowly and with tender care.

White hair just slightly fell over his left eye as his thin silver frame glasses
rested at the crook of his nose.
Reflecting behind the slight glimmer of his lens were his amethyst eyes;
half lidded as his iris's followed the words of his book from right to left.

Each desk in this class was perfectly aligned.
For they wouldn't know yet, but he had a special fondness for symettery
in all of it's forms.
This class tended to be the coldest of all and the students here
would almost ALWAYS see Sir Afon in a long zipped up sweater of
it's usual dark colors.

Class B

This class had the atmosphere of a very tense exam room.
On the board, there already seemed to be notes for days even though
this was just the first day.

In the back of the room standing at just barely 5 feet tall was
Mijikai-Senpai. She was quite the serious type despite her adorable disposition.
Standing on her tippy toes she was moving around piles of books, making
sure to put one on the right page of every students desk.

Her blonde hair swayed at her ankles as her hazel brown eyes drew
the attention away from the dark bags under her eyes.
A cup of coffee composed of mostly sweet milk sat on her desk as steam
swirled out from the lid.

She would continue to set up her class to perfection
up until the first student arrived.

Class C
This class across from Mijikai-Senpai's room was like a mirror into
the alternate universe.
Standing just a few inches taller with mid length hair was
Ms. Amai.

She was moving around as much as Mijikai-Senpai, but not for the same reason.
Her board had writing on every inch, but it was just a bunch of good bye's and
good lucks from her past students.

On every desk, she wasn't placing books, but candies instead.
She believed more in the bond of a student in teacher holding the key
to unlocking the highest potential in academics.
(This was the idea she bribed the principal with to approve)

Giggling as she stopped at every desk imagining the look on every students face
she suddenly started to worry if they'd even like the candies she chose.
She hoped for the best nervously.

Class D
The final class wasn't much of a class at all.
There were no desks in the room.
And the only chair was one on wheels that the delinquent -cough-
"Professor" sat at with his feet up on his desk and stack of plans for the year.

This was Professor's class.
He never told his name to his students because he didn't want to be harassed
on HandBook again for the 3rd year.
He had to eliminate the last girls who found out...
(Just kidding) ...we hope it was just an uncanny coincidence.

In his mouth was a water vapor electronic cigarette.
And to go along his "too-cool-to-care" appearance rested some
"retro" glasses.
He wore a leather jacket and regular band tee outside of his pants
and casual sneakers everyday.
Even prom couldn't get him out of jeans.
And he didn't die his white and black streaked hair solid for
his prom date either.

His class gave students the "Forever Recess" vibe.
And though enjoyable the first few weeks and months,
when that mandatory exam came at the end of the year,
he would lose a whole lot of fans.

Apart from the school was a large auditorium for one teacher.
Her name was Mrs. Kuramura.
She was called "Mrs." but wasn't really married.
She simply likes to keep things professional and
students dating professors in college was not very
"out of the norm"

The seats wrapped from wall to wall as her
board seemed to be miles away from the farthest seat in the back row.
And since it was college, things were rather calm and yet,
very tense since tests were taken VERY seriously.

She had bobbed black hair and cat-like iris green eyes.
On her nose also rested a thin pair of glasses.
She always carried a thin metal stick to which she never held back from using
on her male and female students alike.

At the end of every row was a packet of "need-to-know's" and
Sitting on top of her desk at the edge, legs crossed, and
metal stick ready.
She awaited her students for this year.

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PostSubject: Re: Dobutso Dual Academy   Mon Jan 28, 2013 12:47 am

in class A

Stella : *suddenly jumped into class* BELIEVE IT! I'M THE FIRST ONE HERE! *looked around to make sure she was right, then sat down confidently in the front and center desk. she gazed up at the teacher and blushed gazing at his handsome features* -oh my gosh, i'm in an A class and i have a handsome teacher this year is going to rock- *spoke in a nice and cheery voice* Good morning sir

Neko : *peeked her head in a minute later, walking in shyly, and sat in the desk behind Stella, speaking in her soft and quiet tone, always having a small shy blush on her face*....g.......good morning sir.....

in class B

Flara : *Jumps into the class all cheery and pumped* YEAH FIRST ONE HERE THIS YEAR IS GOING TO BE SO AWESOME there so much writing on the board? we don't have to copy all of that do we? *sat in the right corner, in the front of the room*

Rouge: *tiredly walked in and sat in the farthest row all the way to the right and drifted to sleep*

in class C

Kumi: *Danced into the classroom, occasionally twirling around* Good morning, you look so any chance do you have any veggies..... preferably carrots? *sat down in the middle of the center row* oooo candy!! *quickly eats it*

Cerisma: * happily walked into the room after Kumi sat down and placed an apple on the teachers desk* good morning *sat in the front and center desk with her hands folded and a happy smile on her face* thank you for the candy * ate it with a smile on her face*

in class D

Travis : *Danced into the room* don't stop, dont stop the beat ,i said, dun dun dun dun dun, everybody is going to be like you, tonight oh oh oooh! * ended up break dancing on the floor in the center of the room*


Nara : slowly walks in, wearing a white polo shirt with a black tie, ironed straight with white dress pants on, he had clear thin glasses on his eyes to be able to see the board since he was near sighted. he had his hair combed back professionally, and he didn't have a smidgen of make - up on his face, looking serious and determined to learn* Good morning madam, I am pleased to have you as my instructor this year * slowly kissed her hand in respect and placed an apple onto her desk as he finds the best seat to be able to learn the best, which was front and center, folding his hands together, waiting for instruction*

Jypsie : *happily walked in and looked at the teacher then Nara and started to crack up lauphing* -his alternate personality is showing, its so funny how it only shows up when he comes to classes *sat down in the last row, far behind Nara and started to watch anime on her ipad, wearing headphones, her feet up on the desk*

Nagoshi : *walks in behind Jypsie* Good morning my brand new instrunctor *bowed* i hope you lead us through a great year of learning and success *gracfully walked to the center row and sat in a seat a little to the right of Nara and Jypsie*

Zane: *tiredly walked in tripping over his own feet, falling to the floor, flat on his face, but didn't get up because he fell asleep*
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PostSubject: Re: Dobutso Dual Academy   Sun Feb 24, 2013 12:18 am

Class A

The Tsuyosa's had arrived; promptly, with five minutes to spare actually.
Everyone in the class was seated except for them and a few other students
whose identities didn't need the spotlight. (They were just regular humans any way...)

The classroom door quietly swung open as a familiar and tense aura flowed through the door and filled the room.
In the doorway stood Xander Tsuyosa.
His arm was extended as he appeared to be holding the door open for someone.

Not a moment later, the Princess of the Tsuyosa family and the owner of the platinum white, bobbed hair and a pair of
smoky sky blue eyes walked in.

Ruka was well suited to stand beside Xander in all his princy-like glory. She was doing
him justice with her navy blue plaid uniform skirt as he stood neatly with a perfectly ironed white, uniform sleeved shirt.
His tie was also perfectly aligned to his stature.
(As perfect was the only way he knew how to live.)

Ruka walked to a seat in the very front row all the way to the left and Xander pulled back her chair for
her as she politely sat and nodded a silent thank you.
With a small draw of his arm and small bow of his head, he sat behind her and began his gaze out the window before class began.


Sir Afon nodded over all his students and began the roll call just as the bell rang.
As attendance was taken he began his welcome "speech"

"Welcome to Dobutso Dual Academy. I will be your homeroom teacher for this semester."
He closed his book and neatly placed it into a drawer of his desk before pacing back and forth;
giving glances to each individual student showing them special acknowledgment.

"I know a lot of you may come from different backgrounds, so please feel free to address me according to your culture."
His eyes were full of life as his glasses began to glimmer.
"Afon Senpai, teacher, or Sir Afon would be just fine. For you see, you probably could not tell,
but I am actually a traveler of Russian descent. So I am quite open to many things."

A young man of dark skin rose his hand in the back as Sir Afon pointed to him and gave him permission to speak.

"I'm from America," he smiled as he sat up confidently. "Can I call you, my Home Skillet Biscuit?"

Everyone in the class went quiet as Sir Afon seemed offended facially, but he began to smile.
"Get the highest grade in my class and I may consider letting you call me whatever you wish at the end of the year." he chuckled softly.

Xander smirked slightly.
He didn't see that happening...
Xander actually considered Ruka to be his only competition so far.
And though he had not acknowledged them just yet, he did take notice to the two female Soncho's in his class.

A matter of fact...his class was 95% girls.
This worried him to know that he'd have to be cautious, but he was happy
that Ruka was in a safe environment for the school year.
That's all that really mattered...

"And congratulations to all of you.
I do not doubt that you are all in my class for a very special reason
and that you all deserve to be here," he specifically smiled at the dark American student.
"So once again, welcome.
And may we have an amazing year together."

Class B
In the hallway of the school, it was 2 minutes before the bell was going to ring.
Vladimir, Dale, and Lani were all in the same class. Vladimir, was walking ahead with
headphones in his ears, as naturally, he wasn't much of a morning person and wasn't up
for conversation so early. He hummed one of his favorite songs as it was part of his routine.

Dale stroke confidently beside Lani as the top 3 buttons of his shirt were unhatched, and
his hands were stuffed in his pockets.

Lani spoke up as she heard the first warning bell.
"D-D-Dale...?" she whimpered up to him as she held her books shyly to her chest.
"I-I really don't want to be late for the first day..."

Dale looked down into his little sister's eyes.
They were almost complete opposites.
Blonde VS Black hair.
Brown VS Blue eyes.
Who would have suspected they'd be siblings?
No one.

Without a second thought, he lugged Lani over his shoulder.
The few lingering boys in the hallway watched as Dale dashed down the halls.
"GET OUT THE WAY IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE!" he spoke with his signature lollipop in his mouth.
She was squealing and waving her arms around as she could feel her skirt fluttering in the rush.
Boys down the hall began to spaz over Lani's adorable knee highs and matching strawberry pink panties.

Rushing through the doors just as Vladimir was sitting down in the middle, back row,
Dale busted inside and plopped down little Lani who was trembling in fright and turned red with embarrassment.

The entire class stared........................hard.

And the Tsuyosa's didn't know it yet...
But little did they know, they were in the presence of one of the strictest teachers in the school.
Mijikai-Senpai was standing at 5 feet tall at the front of the class in the middle of her attendance.
Vladimir's eyes went wide as his mouth was gaped right before responding: "P-Present..."

Lani bowed before the teacher and made her way to the far right corner of the class and took her seat.
As Dale took a step, he was stopped.

Mijikai-Senpai was smiling so hard she looked like she was going to explode.
With a slight twitch she took her thick learning binder and swung it at Dale.
Dale actually slid down one of the desk aisles and began to twtich.
"T-T-Tch...You hit like a man!" he shuddered and jogged to his desk quickly, cowering
behind his book.

"'ll get more than that if this keeps up Tsuyosa!"

"WOAH... How do you know who I am already!?"

"There are only two names left on my roster. And I'm guessing you're not
Lani Tsuyosa and THAT'S Dale!" Ms. Mijikai pointed at a trembling Lani who had tears in
her eyes.

"I-I'm scared..." she pouted as all the boys in her radius had hearts in the eyes for the adorable
little skunk.

Vladimir began his stare in their direction.
A slight canine fang showed over his lips as he instinctively growled
and they all turned around in their seats.

Vladimir face palmed himself to see Dale in a similar state to Lani.

"Listen here class!" Ms. Mijikai stood up on her desk.
"This is class B! The Silver 2nd Place to Class A! And I don't know about you,
but I hate getting 89%'s on tests that were 1% from an A!"
The whole class could see in this little woman's eyes that her fury was built off of her
past experiences.

And though Dale was scared for his life from this little munchkin from hell, he understood what it was
like to always be second...he was always second to Sam.
Whether it was skating, girls, or...girls.
He was always second.

"TEACH ME YOUR STRONG WAYS MASTER!" he stood with tears in his eyes and a hand in salute
to his forehead.

Ms. Mijikai twitched as she threw a dictionary at him.
"Raise your hand before speaking!!"

"YES MASTER!" He whimpered in pain.

"There will be lots of blood, sweat, and blood this year!" she stood on top of her desk.
"But we will succeed or so help me..." she shook her fists at them.

Everyone in the class stayed perfectly quiet as some of the nerdy failures in the class
who really wanted class A began to cheer.

"QUIET DOWN!" she scolded.

Everyone instantly zipped up.
"Let this year be great! I'll take no prisoners! And losing is not an option!"

Dale rose his hand.
She pointed at him. "Yes Mr. Tsuyosa."



"...thank you for raising your hand Mr. Tsuyosa."
She had tears in her eyes.

Class C
Akie was more than excited to get to her class.
Koi however was more excited to get some rare candy for his

Akie's long blonde hair was tied up into a high ponytail that still managed to
sway below her waist. She had spent most of her time doing her make up and customized her accessories
to perfectly match her school uniform.

Koi however took more time deciding which slot to stash his Pokemon than to actually
get ready for school.

They walked in separately (Seeing as they weren't very close with each other)
with the flood of students.

Finding candy on his desk Koi's eyes watered.
"YUUUUM..." he snarfed it like the fat ass he was as
Akie was actually disgusted when she sat down.

Tossing Koi her candy she sighed and looked at the boys in her class wondering which one
was worthy of her popularity.

As Koi choked down the candies he looked up to see a lovely girl in front of him.
"Hum-ma-na-Hum-ma-na~" he drooled even more now.
"Hey there pretty Momma," he stood against the wall with his arms crossed.
"How you doin'? All have you know, I've got 52 level 99 Magikarps and I'm on my way to
my first Red Gyrados. Are you impressed?" he licked over his lips as he shook his spiky red hair
and tried to look sexy.

"Yes actually," the young lady turned around to be identified as Ms. Amai.
"Because you see...I actually have a few Shiny Blue Gyardos myself."

His jaw dropped from what he heard and who he heard it from.
"Y-Your...U-Umm..." his face went bright red as he rushed back to his seat and
hid his face.

"That's right. Hello there class!" the young lady's purple hair fell to the middle of her back
as she smiled bright and warm at her students.
"I am your Homeroom Teacher Ms. Amai! I am glad to welcome you to class C
where I have full belief in all of your potentials!"

"..." Akie rose her hand.
"Umm..." she began to speak in her natural valley girl voice.
"If you plan to keep putting candy out like this, can you note that
some of us actually like to be healthy. Can you leave me a yogurt or something?"

A few popular girls laughed, but agreed with her just for the sake of being followers.

A few boys were instantly not attracted to her, while Koi himself was annoyed with having
any relation to her.
This is probably why they weren't close.
Her the popular and him the nerd on many levels.

"Actually..." everyone went quiet to hear Ms. Amai's reply.
"I wouldn't mind getting you yogurt. I actually appreciate you being so honest with me.
I do strive to get to know you guys and what you guys like. So thank you Ms...?"

"Akie Tsuyosa." she nodded her head.

The teachers reply actually attracted a lot of the male students.
And little did she know, but she was capturing Koi's heart with every
word she spoke.

"I really hope to get to know all of you and help you reach levels
you never thought you could reach before! We can do it together!"
She praised her students before taking roll call.

...reach levels you never thought you could before...
Kept replaying in his head.
At the end of the year, Koi had hope that he might finally
become a Gyrados, in the game and maybe metaphorically as well.

Class D
"And that is why I believe that I should be the one who takes this desk here."
Calibur finished two days worth of ranting to Professor.

The teacher for Class D.

The entire time Calibur was going through his spiel, the Professor was actually texting away on his

"I think I finally reached 9 million Switter Followers..." the young male yawned with his mouth wide open.
His white hair was shook up, but flat on one side so that you could almost clearly identify
what side he slept on last night.
There were sunglasses over his eyes that fell down the bridge of his nose to where he could look up
over them with little to no effort at all... (Just the way he liked doing everything)

Calibur looked around at his class mates that were seated around the room carrying their own conversations
and even started to play games among each other.
He hoped that no one saw the way the teacher ignored him.
NO ONE could ignore the almighty hawk of the Tsuyosa family. NO ONE.
He was far too great to be ignored.

Continuing to type away on his phone he started to pass around a sheet of paper.
"If you want to be marked present, write your name down.
If you don't care, I don't care. Less names for me to read." he laughed.
His voice was deep and soulful and yet so full of laid back...ness.
Was that a word? If so, he would be the complete definition for it.

When it appeared that all were present, one more student peeked open the door.

Fitted in full black attire and frightening metal spikes from her skirt belt to her boots,
Yvette poked her head through the door.

"It seems as though I was filtered into a classroom for the lowest of the low..."
Spotting her brother Calibur, she definitely knew it got no lower than this.
Seeing no desks in the room and the sheet of paper moving around, she figured
there was no teacher present.

Naturally, seeing the one male out of uniform caught her attention.
Her belt chains jingled along her waist as she made her way over to him and plopped down.

Feeling an unnatural aura beside him, Professor looked down at the Goth Goddess,
but went back to texting.

"This place sucks..." Yvette huffed while putting in her headphones.

"Tell me about it." Professor actually replied to her.

"Huh?" Yvette brushed back a few strands of hair and looked to her side at him.

"I said tell me about it," he responded without looking at her.

"Umm...well..." she was a bit shocked that someone was speaking to her.

"I-I-It's like...I'd rather be anywhere else, but here...
Me not being here wouldn't really change the way anything was happening..."
Yvette stopped talking as she had spoke more than she did this whole week.

Professor stopped texting as he finally decided to look up at her.
But before he could catch her gaze, Yvette opened up the classroom window and
leaped out heading to the Schools Garden.

"" Professor smirked slightly.
"Ya don't say, kiddo..." he rubbed at his chin thoughtfully.
"Ya don't say..."

A building not too far off from Dobutso Academy was attracting a flood of students
as a similar school bell rang a few minutes later than the main building's.

The crowd was full of young adults from 19-30.
Everyone had a certain sophisticated flow about them.
Though, there was one person who seemed a bit off.

He was striking at 6 foot 7 and was scraping beneath 7 feet tall.
His build was an impenetrable barrier of sorts.
Shoulders stretching across in width and a serious expression to match his build,
it wasn't hard for the other students to adapt around him.
They actually split as if he was parting the red sea himself.

A lot of the people attending college did recognize this skyscraper however.
Who else could it have been, but Akuma Tsuyosa?
And who else, but Akuma Tsuyosa could still be intimidating in a light pink apron?
(He was only wearing it of course because his little Nami requested of him when he dropped
her off to Middle School for her first day)

And everyone knew Akuma could never turn down a request from any of his sisters.
But no one held it against him.
If anything, they feared him even more for it.

Alongside The Fearsome Akuma was the more laid back Sunni Tsuyosa.
And though she was almost ALWAYS smiling.
There was something there that forced everyone around her to be in the best of behavior.
Was it her wisdom that choked out respect from those around her?
Or maybe it was that rumor that one punch from her could push you back 100 years
and even age you back to a fetus! must have been something else.

On the less known part of the spectrum was Samuel "Sam" Tsuyosa.
He wasn't praised for his grades, but his good lucks and charm with the ladies.
This often brought many things to be thrown at his feet for absolutely no reason at all.
(Though he never seemed to pay it any kind of special attention)

The whole group made their way into the classroom to see a young woman seated at the
desk that sat at the very front of the room.

Not late, but not on time it seemed.
This teacher was strictly business and wasted no time by going straight into this years guide.

The whole room was silent...
That was of course until a cellphone went off in her class and was answered...

Her calm expression suddenly shot to an extreme smile and smiling shut eyes as her hand
moved on it's own to grip a small wand-like item on her desk.

Akuma put his arms onto the desk and placed the phone inside of the shaded shelter it provided.

"Hello!? Mr. Tsuyosa?! This is Dobotsu Middle. We are requesting your appearance
to your Young one, Nami Tsuyosa. She seems to be throwing a fit for you during recess
and we can't figure out how to stop her from crying!"

"I-I can't be there!" he strained quietly.
He knew Nami didn't just "throw a fit"
A kid must have messed with her.
There was no doubt in his mind.

"WHAT CAN WE DO THEN?!!" the teacher yelled on the brink of tears.
Seeing as having a fitty child on the first day would not look good to
higher authority in the school.

"UGH..." Akuma growled softly.
"If you have a Goldee Locks and the Three Bears book...
Just give it to her..."

"She's in Middle School Mr. Tsuyosa."

"I believe I know what grade she's in."
Akuma replied calmly, but struck fear into the man on the other line.

"...a-alright. I'll give it a shot." the teacher responded before hanging up.

Akuma sighed softly knowing it would calm her down as it always did.
Letting up his head he could see all 75 of his classmates were staring at him
and the teacher was missing.

Opening his mouth to apologize he was cut off with Mrs. Kuramura was right behind him.

"I apologize for trying to teach in the middle of your phone call, Mr. Tsuyosa."
She spoke with strong fury, but calmness that made her twice as frightening.

"Y-You don't understand..."
Akuma instantly became embarrassed and was covered in guilt.
He hated hurting and disappointing women...his teacher was no exception.

"Oh ma'am p-please forgive me!" he got out of his seat and bowed on his knees before
her. "M-My dearest apologies!!--" he was cut off as the teacher was reeling up her leg
as a baseball player did right before kicking him down all of the stairs.

As he finally fell on his back at the very bottom.
It wasn't til then that Mrs. Kuramura noticed his apron and was
actually a bit caught of guard, but paid no attention to it.
She walked down the steps slowly as everyone was in awe at her actions.
(all but Sunni who had actually been asleep this whole time.
Sleep being a far less crime than talking in her class)

Walking down the last step and then walking on top of Akuma's stomach with
her pointy heels, she sat back on her desk with one leg crossed over the other
in a lady-like fashion.

"Let this be a warning to you ALL."

Sam adjusted his glasses as the Fearsome Akuma might have just met his match.
A powerful female...
Oh yes.
A worthy opponent indeed.

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PostSubject: Re: Dobutso Dual Academy   Sun Feb 24, 2013 12:40 am

Class A

Stella: -holly crap, Xander.....Xander is in my class.....its just me and Neko......what am i going to do!?...Flara isn't here to protect us....calm down Stella, don't show your fear, just concentrate on the teacher...what should i call him? honey? cupcake? lover?......he is quite hansome but i can't call him any of those things.. ugh i can't concentrate with Xander around, the aura in this room with him around is threatening and it's sufficating me to know i can't do anything about it-
*sweatdrop, sweatdrop* ..... hansome book worm... *covered her mouth, not wanting to say that outloud about the teacher *

Neko:* her eyes teared up and she started to sniffle, about to cry but she was looking at the teacher, Neko was also fearing how Xander was in the room but it looked like she was intimidated by the teacher*

Class B

Flara: Mrs. chill we are in class B which means we are not that far from A you shouldn't have to stress out and overwork us just because we are not in A.

Rough: * Dale got her attention, looking at his slightly unbuttoned shirt, seeing his chest and small reveailation of his black tattoo, starting to purr a little loudly as she moved to the chair next to him and smiled at him* leopaaaaaarrrrrrrrrd *started to playfully poke his chest*

Class C

Cerisma: Mrs. you shouldnt feel obligated to get anyone anything, we should feel thankful that you got us anything

Kumi: yes yes she's right but if you do, can you get me some carrots please?

Cerisma: Kumi!

Kumi: sorry

*Dante was sleeping in at home because he was home schooled. he doesn't get taught anything until Flara gets home*

Class D

Travis: *turned to calibur after seeing Yvette jump out the window* whats up bro? You look interesting, are you albino?


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Zane: *was awoken by all the commotion, seeing how violent the teacher was* - sweatdrop- roar, fiesty

Nara: *watched the scene with an indifferent expression, then hid his mouth behind his book, slightly chuckling to himself* - that's what you get for talking on your phone in class, it's one thing if it rings but you answered it- tisk tisk

Nagoshi: my my your anger is like the sting of a thorn on a beautiful rose, such lovely passion for order

jypsie: *started lauphing so hard* look at what he's wearing hahahahahahahahahahahaha he's like an intimidating anime character that has a soft spot when it comes to making lovely and delicious treats in the kitchen hahahaha i bet he's just a big softy *falls out of her chair, lauphing on the floor* his fearful expression was the best part though hahahahahahahahahaha.
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PostSubject: Re: Dobutso Dual Academy   Sat Jun 01, 2013 4:13 pm

Class A

After Sir Afon's introduction, the class had quite a warm,
but tense vibe. The first assignment was already distributed.
And with this, so were the school semester's seats. Though
he was a wonderful teacher, he was still a teacher. Letting--
everyone come sit where they wanted to was only temporary.
As real seats were distributed, a few people were quite upset.

Ruka, having took a seat in the front row, was immediately sent
to the back, far opposite side to Xander. While Xander, hadn't
moved an inch. Having to take out her glasses now, she sighed.
Though she wasn't nearly as upset as Xander.

Everyone in class was paired with someone for the semester.
Xander began to wonder why they even needed partners...
(Just a innocent thought drawn from his superiority)
Though, he didn't complain too much as he was paired with
a member of the Soncho house. This gave him a slight opp-
ortunity to get to know one of them, while the other was paired
with a random male in the class like Ruka was.

Ruka being paired with another guy is what had Xander so angry.
He had to constantly glance back to catch his little sister instructing
so honorably while their classmate drooled and put all the work on her.

A hand to his forehead, he let out a sigh and tapped the eraser side of
his pencil on his desk. Breathing in deep and looking up at Stella, he
finally broke the silence between the two of them.
"Shall we begin?" he nudged to their worksheets.

Class B

This room's aura was nothing, but tense after Ms. Mijikai
ignored Flara's comment on it not being about the Class. She
was simply too competitive to accept that.

Even with everyone being grouped into 4's, it was
still so hard to enjoy the assignment at hand.
It was an assignment to see what you remembered from the
years before and how you'd be ranked.

There were 5 animals in this class, so being in groups of 4 meant someone
would be left out...and of course, who would it be? Vladimir.

He was so used to it already.
This is how it got to where things were:

Flara, (from the Soncho household) deeply advised
that the families grouped together to avoid transformations
or fights with other classmates (Dale)
Flara stuck to Rouge like glue and swore not to separate.

Dale was similar in that matter that he wouldn't part from Lani.
So there, Flara, Rouge, Lani, and Dale made their 4.
While Vladimir offered to be left out to protect Lani.
Being randomly paired with another girl, he hid an earphone,
listening to music while trying to pull through this assignment, always
gazing back at the family group enjoying their assignment.

"Alright!" Dale attempted to take lead. "Let's get started!"
But before he could write anything, Ms. Mijikai ninja'd by and
snatched the lollipop out of his mouth.
"HEY!" he yelled, but tried to control himself. He hadn't realized his
addiction wasn't allowed in certain places.
"It feels so weird not having something in my mouth..." he slammed
his head on his desk. "I have no will to live..!"

Lani blushed brightly as she looked over at the Soncho girls...
She found it very hard to make friends so she simply sat there
twiddling her fingers. It took a lot for her to trust people.
The two girls being what may stand in the way of her finally being human
made it even harder to trust them.

Sitting there, she was the total opposite of Dale.
Vladimir was actually who made her the most comfortable.
So sitting there, she still tried to channel into his aura to calm herself down.
(It was hard being apart from him, though she never voiced it to anyone, even

Lani and Vladimir looking over their shoulders at the exact same time
caught glances and jerked back around quickly.
Lani's face transitioned quickly from pink to red.

While Vladimir was a master of hiding emotions and looked down at the assignment with
his team. The girl he sat next to seemed to look distraught as she caught
the way they looked at each other. Young love in the making?

Class C

Class C was probably the ideal first day of school.
It was spent with kids volunteering to help Ms. Amai pass out papers
for the learning material. She even allowed them to pick where they would sit.
Ms. Amai went around the room passing out folders, allowing them to customize
the covers while allowing them to get to know the people they sat around.
"I won't forgot your fondness of carrots..." she whispered off to Kumi.

Koi sat in the middle by himself while sketching a map from his 3DS
onto his folder.

"Hey. That's really good." a boy who sat beside him noted.

Koi simply smirked a bit and continued drawing.
His surrounding area spent most time taking interest in the things he hated.
They were all obnoxious jocks. And of course the loudest girl joining their
conversation was his sister Akie.

Continuing to draw, he sighed a bit sadly.
He didn't hate school, but the people instead.
He was a victim of bullying. He hoped this year would let up a little bit.
The boy who spoke to him...he was just as much of an outcast as him.
He'd try his best to become friends.
And Koi did notice he wasn't the only quiet one.
There were Soncho's in his class.
He'd occassionally glance up at one in particular.

It was so hard.
To know that they all wanted the same thing...
But at the end of it all, 13 people would be horribly disappointed.
(What were these thoughts? Way too serious for someone like Koi...)
He continued his sketch.

Class D

With a large, obvious twitch Calibur put his foot on Travis' desk.
TO BE--"
being cut off in the middle of his yelling Professor began to speak while the rest
of the class stayed perfectly quiet, (especially the girls)

"Yo. Go to lunch early or something." he sighed.
"I'm getting tired. Just go somewhere..." he plopped his feet on top of his desk,
pulled his sunglasses down over his eyes and began to sleep.

Where did she go... he began to wonder, remembering what she said.
"Me not being here wouldn't really change the way anything was happening..."
He didn't know it, but he was probably the first one that had Yvette's word stick so hard.
And she didn't know it yet either that though she was far away from class,
a part of her had still stuck around.

"You can't tell me what to do!" Calibur yelled at Professor before noticing the rest of the class
leaving without complaints.
"..." he sighed softly to himself. This was more difficult than he remembered.
Calibur finally went along with it, but left out the window like Yvette did.
Catching a peek at him, Professor wondered if Calibur was heading to Yvette.
What was that feeling he was getting in his gut...
Hmm...that which shall not be named.

Moving back to her desk, Mrs. Kuramura sat down and started a slideshow for them to
take notes knowing that she didn't need to further the threats.

Sunni woke up as she yawned and wiped drool from around her mouth before going
downstairs to peel Akuma off the ground and drag him back upstairs.
"You don't have to nap down there," she scolded him, obviously missing everything that just happened.
"These desks counters are just as comfy." she smiled positively.

Sam face palmed himself from across the room while beginning to take notes.
He wondered how Dale was doing...
And though Dale had seen so much in Sam, he didn't really understand why.
He didn't talk to anyone...and maybe that's why the girls liked him?
But he never pursued anyone...
To be honest, Sam could woo hearts by not saying anything,
get great grades without help or friends.
But it was his fear of losing girls or friends by talking and being himself that killed him.
And that's where Dale didn't know it, but Dale won every time.
Because by being himself...that's where Dale got who he was today.
And for that, Sam was always envious.
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PostSubject: Re: Dobutso Dual Academy   Sat Jun 01, 2013 5:11 pm

Class A

Stella : * Stella looked at Xander,then the worksheet* R-Right....;;;;; *Stella was sweating a little from fright; she was trying to keep a straight face and keep her cool but she was failing, her right eye twitched a little and so did the upper right side of her mouth, her teeth her a bit clenched and silently grinding together* I can't believe of all the people in this class, I had to be pared up with, not only a member of the Tsuyosa family, but the head of the Tsuyosa family, I see he's upset about something; I hope he doesn't release his anger on me. I feel like i'm going to die from all of this pressure*tried to start working on the assignment, her handwriting became shaky* come on Stella, get it together, don't look like an inferior idiot in front of him

Neko : *Neko felt more relaxed now that she was pared with a normal student instead of Xander but worried a little about Stella. - hang in there Stella, just don't insult him in any way and you should be fine She looked up at the man and smiled* L..Lets do good work together *the boy wondered if Neko was even old enough to be in high school because she was so small and cute but smiled and agreed, getting started on the assignment with her*

Class B

Flara : Relax, you can have another lolly after class, just focus on the assignment at hand now *her eyes shifted to Lani, she kept a serious straight face but she looked lost in thought about something. She saw how lani looked over to Vladamier* - awwwwwww its so cute, relationships in the making. OTP- .... *looked back at Dale* Lets get to work, first , introduce yourselves. I'm Flara head of the Soncho family. This is Rouge.

Rouge : *Rouge was still next to Dale petting his slightly exposed chest, tracing his tattoo* Leopaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd

Class C

Kumi : *Kumi looked up happily at the teacher* yaay thank you * Started drawing a bunery eatting carrots in a carrot patch, she looked so excited as if she was imagining herself as the bunery. She suddenly looked up at koi's hair* oh my gosh....your hair looks looks like a carrot.. its so pretty.

Cerisma : *she looked at koi which gave her an idea. She started drawing a sleeping guy with straight purple hair that reached right above his shoulders, the hair was slightly hanging in his face, he was wearing a white dress shirt that was unbuttoned 4 buttons and was slightly lifted up at the bottom to his belly button. He was wearing long black pants and his DS opened on the floor next to him . He was wearing long, black pants and was laying in the middle of a sunflower field. Cerisma smiled really enjoying herself* The purple hair should throw off that I got the idea from looking at Koi

Dante : *Dante was at home, starting to prepare dinner early so he wouldn't feel rushed and he could make it more tasty, suddenly the thought came to his mind about how Ruka gave him the expensive meat as a gift and he wanted to make something in return for her generosity. He looked through his cabinets to see if he had anything that would seem like a way of saying thank you but he couldn't find anything, then the idea of making her cookies came to his mind. He didn't have the necessary ingredients to make cookies from scratch so after he finished making the food for his family, he wrapped it up nicely, put it in the fridge, then went to the store*

Class D

Travis : Wow bro chill, it was just a question * Heard the teacher say that they could leave the class and saw everyone was leaving. He didn't want to be alone in the class with only the teacher so he left the classroom through the door. He didn't know where to go though and felt more alone then with just the teacher. He then thought that maybe he could hang out with someone from his own family in another class* Dante is at home, Flara is pretty cool but i would rather not hang out with our leader... hmmm.... Neko is nice...and Stella isn't that bad.... i guess i'll go hang out at class A then * partially walked and partially danced to class A, listening to his music and walked in* hey teach... can i hang here for the day? my teach is taking a nap...


Nagoshi : *looked at Sunni, amused by her comment about comfy desks* Oh Madam i'm sure you could be much more comfortable with me *rested his face on his hand while his elbow was on the desk, looking at Sunni lovingly* - She's so cute, so unaffected by her surroundings even with such a strict teacher around-

Jypsie : uh oh Romeo is on the loose xD *was observing everyone in class, not paying much attention to the notes because she knows that she could just copy Nara's notes at home*

Nara : *adjusted his glasses and got to work copying the teachers notes on the board, he didn't really care about what the others were doing, he just cared about passing the class and felt that if he allowed them to distract him, he would end up failing in the end*

Zane : I find these desks to be very comfortable as well, I would sleep all day on them if i wasn't so worried about this teacher's wrath *relaxed in his desk, copying the notes at his own pace*
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Dobutso Dual Academy

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