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 Pokemon Stat Boosters/Reducers

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Pokemon Stat Boosters/Reducers Empty
PostSubject: Pokemon Stat Boosters/Reducers   Pokemon Stat Boosters/Reducers EmptyThu Dec 01, 2011 2:40 pm

This section will tell you the rulings on attacks that boost or reduce a Pokemon's stat. This is a long list so to find your attack quickly press the "F3" key on your keyboard and a small search box should appear on the upper right of your browser. Type the attack you're looking for in the box and hurrah!

Pokemon Stat Boosters

These stat raising techniques are permanent and will last until your pokemon is returned to its Pokeball or the battle ends:

Belly Drum
Bulk Up
Calm Mind
Cosmic Power
Cotton Guard
Defend Order
Dragon Dance
Hone Claws
Iron Defense
Nasty Plot
Quiver Dance
Rock Polish
Shell Smash
Tail Glow
Work Up

This stat raising techniques will only take affect when your pokemon uses that attack:

Flame Charge

These stat raising techniques will only last unless it is broken/overcome or you call off the attack:

Light Screen

These stat raising techniques will only last until your Pokemon attacks or is attacked:

Double Team
Skull Bash (always last until your Pokemon uses the attack. If it is attacked before you launch the attack the Defense stat is still raised)

These stat raising techniques will only last until the next turn:

Acid Armor

These stat raising techniques will be permanent only when the chance % is granted to your attack:(Click here to learn how to use Random#)

Ancient Power (10% chance) Random#= 10
Charge Beam (70% chance) Random#= 7,10
Metal Claw (10% chance) Random#= 10
Meteor Mash (20% chance)Random#= 2,10
Ominous Wind (10% chance) Random#= 10
Silver Wind (10% chance) Random#= 10
Steel Wing (10% chance) Random#= 10

Pokemon Stat Reducers

These stat reducing techniques are permanent and will last until your pokemon is returned to its Pokeball or the battle ends:

Acid Spray
Close Combat
Cotton Spore
Draco Meteor
Hammer Arm
Leaf Storm
Low Sweep
Psycho Boost
Shell Smash

These stat reducing techniques will only temporarily affect your pokemon:

Metal Sound
Mud Shot
Sand Attack
Scary Face
String Shot
Sweet Scent
String Shot

These stat reducing techniques will only take affect when your pokemon uses the attack:

Fake Tears
Icy Wind
Rock Tomb
Tail Whip
Fake Tears

These attacks will cause permanent stat reduction whenever the percent chance number is hit:(Click here to learn how to use Random#)

Aurora Beam(10% chance) Random#= 10
Bug Buzz(10% chance) Random#=10
Crush Claw(50% chance) Random#=5,10
Crunch(20% chance) Random#=2,10
Earth Power(10% chance) Random#= 10
Energy Ball(10% chance) Random#= 10
Flash Cannon(10% chance) Random#= 10
Focus Blast(10% chance)Random#= 10
Iron Tail(10% chance)Random#= 10
Leaf Tornado(50% chance)Random#= 5,10
Luster Purge(50% chance) Random#=5, 10
Mirror Shot(30%chance) Random#= 3,10
Mist Ball(50% chance) Random#= 5,10
Mud Bomb(30% chance) Random#= 3,10
Muddy Water(30% chance) Random#= 3,10
Octazooka(50% chance)Random#= 5,10
Psychic(30% chance) Random#= 3,10
Rock Smash(50% chance) Random#= 5,10
Seed Flare(40% chance) Random#= 4,10
Shadow Ball(20% chance) Random#= 2,10

This reducer is unique compared to all the others. It will continue to decrease all Pokemon’s evasion for 5 turns. It also stops flying pokemon from flying or pokemon to use Bounce, Levitate, Jump Kick, Hi Jump Kick, Magnet Rise, and Splash:


Predecessor of the Shadows Pokemon Stat Boosters/Reducers Profil12
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Pokemon Stat Boosters/Reducers

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