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Hello and welcome to Ryuujin Inshi! Enjoy creating your own RP as well as joining other's! There are little to no limitations when it comes to creating an RP. Here at Ryuujin Inshi, we want you all to have a beyond great experience! We hope you are all having a great time. If you have any issues or see any problems with the site be sure to tell it to an Admin so it can get fixed quickly! Tell your friends and family that like to RP about us because the larger our member count, the better the RP experience!
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Admin-Tech Head

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PostSubject: Hoenn   Hoenn EmptyWed Nov 23, 2011 2:10 pm

The Hoenn region is a large region to the southwest of Johto. The names of most of the cities in Hoenn are made of two words put together rather than colors or plants as Kanto and Johto had done. Hoenn was created after Groudon and Kyogre were formed. Groudon raised the landmasses and Kyogre filled the seas that would later become Hoenn. The moving of the continents by Regigigas created Hoenn, and when Regigigas was sent to sleep in the Snowpoint Temple in Sinnoh during the Iron Age, Regirock, Registeel, and Regice, the keys to awakening it, were sealed away in Hoenn.
Hoenn Hoenn_10

Predecessor of the Shadows Hoenn Profil12
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Admin-Tech Head
Admin-Tech Head

Posts : 1389
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PostSubject: Re: Hoenn   Hoenn EmptyFri Dec 16, 2011 1:30 am

*A broadcast to all trainers were sent to their Pokegear in Hoenn*

"Hello Trainers, Breeders, Researches, Athletes, and whatever the heck you may be! This broadcast was sent to you to let you know there will be a wonderful festival going on in the Sinnoh Region!! You should forget what you're doing and go to Hearthome City in the Sinnoh Region to have lots of fun with you and you're Pokemon! Don't worry Cruise line's are free and so is air transportation for a full week! So take the opportunity and have some fun in the Sinnoh Region in Hearthome City!!!

Predecessor of the Shadows Hoenn Profil12
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PostSubject: Re: Hoenn   Hoenn EmptyFri Dec 16, 2011 3:13 pm

Palis Joy

        The morning was already off to a rambunctious start. Servants were everywhere cleaning and carrying things to and fro. Palis stood at the top of the balcony, that overlooked the grand foyer area. Her faithful houndours, Haven and Sentry, stood on either side of her. She rested her arms on the railing and sighed out of annoyance. It was just another opportunity for dad to get his name out there and connect with customers. Hearthome City in the Sinnoh region was holding this grand festival as a time for trainers, breeders, and anyone who spends time in the company of Pokemon to have fun.

        Palis’ father, Marcus Joy, was downstairs his family’s trademark pink hair was styled in it’s usually gaudy way. It made him look approachable and friendly all while still being professional. Her mother,Elizabeth dark haired like she was came up the stairs, toward her. Palis stood up straight and patted out the faint wrinkles in her dress, all as a precaution to avoid her mother’s well known and lengthy lecture on posture and tidiness. Her mother gave a small smile as she came closed; Palis returned the gesture.

        “Palis dear, everything’s ready our will be leaving shortly,” he mother brushed a stray curl away from Palis’ face “Do you have everything you need?” Haven and Sentry, who looked up to her to be petted, gave her mother a friendly greeting. Her mother didn’t disappoint the faithful Pokemon. Palis’ mother knelt down briefly and patted the two houndours on their head.

        “I have everything,” Palis eyed her father who was laughing heartily. The both locked eye’s and he got that proud look it his eye as he smiled at his daughter. “I think Dad’s all ready to go mom,” Palis smiled briefly not looking away from her father, no matter how much she found him embarrassing, she loved him

        “Then let’s get going,” Her mother put and arm around her and the made their way down the stairs embraced by Marcus. Elizabeth laughed hugging her husband and pulling Palis into the family hug.

        “We’ve got to hurry you slowpokes, can’t keep the public waiting,” Marcus pushed his family out the door. Then there was the rare moment where Palis laughed as Haven and Sentry followed behind her closely as they boarded the plane. Palis returned the two houndours to their respective poke balls and placed them in her small bag. She took a seat in the back of the small plane her parents sitting up front chatting business and planning time to spend together. Palis just curled up comfortably, looking out the widow. The plane took off smoothly, without any bumps or turbulence. Not that Palis would know, she was fast asleep.
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Chaest Skadi
Chaest Skadi
The Creator!
The Creator!

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PostSubject: Re: Hoenn   Hoenn EmptyFri Dec 16, 2011 5:43 pm

The sun rose over Fallarbor town as Draco finished the last of his preparations.

"I guess its almost time to go. Has it really almost been a year?..."

There's a soft humming outside as, Draco notices his grandfather's altaria in the window. Draco opens the door and greet Altaria like an old friend.

"What brings you here Altaria?"

Altaria hums as she fully unfolds her wings revealing a small black and blue egg with an attached note. With a puzzled look Draco takes the note.

O hoy Draco. I heard you were preparing to set off on another big journey. I wished to see you off personally but alas my ship was delayed by a large storm. I was able to send Altar with a small gift. That egg holds a dragon pokemon from the Unova region. I thought you would appreciate it. You've grown so much in the past few years. I'm extremely proud of you. Remember you'll go far if you trust the pokemon you've so wonderfully raised and trained alongside.
P.s. Don't worry about your house, Altar can take care of it till I return.

"Hmph, sentimental old man."

Draco wipes a tear from his eye as he takes the egg from Altaria.

"Thank you Altaria."

Draco turns and places the egg in a bundle of cloth.

"Now to finalize preparations."

A few minutes later Draco stands outside his door. He carries the egg in an specialized egg case. He release his salamence and hops on its back.

"Ready old friend? Time for another adventure."

He pats his salamence as it roars and spouts fire happily. At the commotion all the people of Fallarbor town arrive to see him off. With a final pat, Salamence takes off and begins to soar away. Draco looks down and sees the townspeople waving him goodbye as he does the same. Once they reach the right altitude Salamence picks up his maximum speed as they head for the Sinnoh region.

Our life's a stage, a comedy: either learn to play and take it lightly, or bear its troubles patiently.

I've rescinded your right to live because you aspired to cut my pride with such a dull blade.

There's nothing unusual here…The appropriate one stands in the appropriate place after the inappropriate ones have collapsed to the ground, defeated. There is nothing unexpected or odd about it. Because this is reality. Not one shred of uncertainty exists here. Not even fear, of course…

Hoenn Byakuy11
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Top Recruiter

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PostSubject: Re: Hoenn   Hoenn EmptyFri Dec 16, 2011 5:51 pm

Hoenn Capand11

(Sorry for the super long post guys!
I can't blame you for not reading it, but for those who do read it, thanks I guess! ^_^ )

The day had just started as the sun arose in the distance over Pacifidlog Town.
The water that surrounded all of the log homes shone and glimmered brightly.
Ripples and waves calm and serene.
Through the log windows of her bathroom, rays of light kissed her glistening skin
as she sleepily wiped off her wet body with a towel.
The girl stood up straight as she wrapped the towel around herself and tucked the
corner of it inside.
she groaned softly as she placed both of her hands on the sides of her sink.
Another yawn escaped her as she wiped her mirror and looked at her reflection.
It was way too early for her.
It showed in her blurry green eyes as she tilted her head to the side observing her
messy hair.
"Hell with it..."
she sighed as she ran her hand through the back and gave her
shoulder length teal hair a good rustle.
she giggled softly to herself.


The girl leaned against the door as she was slowly starting to doze off.
she replied back to her little brother.
"Chase says it's time to get out!!"
her little brother of 5 years old screamed again.
she brushed off what he said as her eyes slowly began to close.

"MAXX!!!" he screamed again.

she opened the door quickly.
"Can I just have 5 minutes?! --"

before she could continue
she caught her little brother being gnawed on by Chase, her male Eevee.
she scolded and the Eevee sat upright on his hind legs, an innocent shine in his eyes.


There was a silence in the room as Chase and Maxx stared each other down and it seemed
as though they both broke out at the exact same time in laughter.
Maxx's little brother Mark began to pout as he left the room and slammed the door.
"That was rude of you."
Maxx said playfully while wiping tears from crying while laughing.
Chase chuckled.
"Oh yeah?"
Maxx questioned as she threw her towel over him and he stayed under it obediently as she got dressed.
Short black top, jacket, and matching cap.
"Do I look like a Pokemon trainer or what?"
she giggled as she picked up the towel and folded it before picking
up a small packed suit case off the floor; Chase followed her down the stairs where her mom and dad had a few things in their
hands for her.
Maxx's mom actually held Mark close to her as he was pretending to cry.

her mom began to scold.
"He'll be fine!"
she said with a laugh grabbing a piece of jam and toast off the table and putting it in her mouth before patting
Mark on his head softly which caused him to smile.
"Your lucky Chase is going with me,"
she said as she bent down to be at eye level with him.
"He'd bully you more than I do,"
she softly pinched his cheek and planted a kiss on his forehead.
Almost instantly he wrapped his arms around her tightly and began to sniffle.
"I-I'm going to miss you..."
he sobbed.
It caught her a bit off guard as she hugged him back.
"I'm not going to be gone forever!"
she laughed softly.

"Definitely not,"
Maxine's Father; Miller Mayweather commented with a serious and cold expression.
"I'll miss you too Daddy~"
Maxx said jokingly, but he didn't budge.

Megan Mayweather, (Maxine's Mom) elbowed him in his side as he winced and grunted.

Miller glared and Megan shook her head at him.
"We're proud of you Maxine,"
she said as they followed Maxx outside where a Dragonair
was waiting for the trip to Sinnoh.

Hoenn Dragon10

"I hope this isn't too much for you..."
Maxx said to Dragonair as she put her suitcase and bag in a little basket strapped
onto Dragonair's tail.

Chase looked at Maxx and shook his head.

"...We're going."
she said as she opened her arms out to him.
He shook his head again.

Dragonair laughed softly as Chase became insulted and looked at the ground and then water.
A few minutes passed before Chase took a deep breath and jumped to land on Dragonair's back; holding on for dear life.
"You didn't have to show off..."
Maxx sighed as she face palmed and turned around to look at her family.
"Do you have everything?"
her mother asked with tears in her eyes.
"Medical kit? Dragonairs Poke Ball? Cooking pot? Poke Food? Blanket? Washing Board?
Pokedex? Pokegear?"

Maxx sighed softly and gave her a hug.
"I've got it, I've got it."
she assured as she softly rubbed circles into her back.
"No worries,"
she smiled and winked with a confident thumbs up.
Her mother nodded as she wiped the corner of her eyes with a small cloth.


Her father still faced the house.
He wasn't mad at her per se, but he was worried about her...
He was letting go of his only daughter.

Maxx, though stubborn, she understood THAT.
She didn't really like it when her brother left for the leagues either...

She hugged her father tightly from behind and whispered up to him.
"...I promise to be back when it's time...
I won't let you down...You're not losing me...
It's not marriage (yet) Dad,"

she joked and he turned around to face her.
Picking her up off the ground with his hug as her little brother joined in,
then followed by her mother.

"I'll be back guys. need for tears!
It's not that serious!"

Maxx said her final goodbyes and got onto Dragonair's back as they began to drift off.
The house disappearing in the distance as she waved to them. need for tears.
Chase, her Eevee mocked her as he noticed the glimmer in her eyes.

Maxine took the back of her hand and wiped her eyes.

"You're right..."
she smiled as he laid on her lap and she
buried her face behind Dragonair's neck.
"No need for tears..."
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