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 Hisui Yoru Rp chars

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PostSubject: Re: Hisui Yoru Rp chars   Tue Apr 13, 2010 7:52 pm

Pokemon Char
Name: Hisui Yoru
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Origin: Hoenn/Eterna City
Date of Birth: December 21
Goal: Trainer
History: Born into a big family, Hisui never had anything for himself. Instead, he had to share many things and had countless hand-me-downs. He lived with his mother, a local pokemon vet, and several aunts, uncles, and cousins. His father, a famous pokemon trainer, trained far away from home, but always came back in time for Hisui's birthday. Each birthday, Hisui received many books from his father. Each book had pokemon information, statistics, and pictures. On top of the books, his mother gave him lessons on how to care for sick and injured pokemon. At the age of ten, Hisui had the knowledge of a professional gym leader in terms of battling and first aid. Hoping he might leave like his father, his mother never permitted him to catch a pokemon.

Several days after his 15th birthday, he went to go to the local pokemon professor's office. He heard that his dad was there for a visit, and wanted to see him. On his way there, he saw a thug dressed in a crimson outfit with an 'M' on his chest stomping on a small eevee. The sight of a pokemon being harmed snapped his kind demeanor. He kicked the man in the balls and grabbed the eevee, scurrying into the Eterna Forest. The thug summoned his houndour from its pokeball, and chased them. While dodging flames, he ran near his secret base, which was next to a giant mossy boulder. He made a phone call on his cellphone to call his family porygon, Beta 1.0 to meet him there. Breathing heavily, he reached into his pocket and gave the eevee an oran berry he planned on snacking on. Backed to the mossy boulder, Hisui sprang a trap against the thug with eevee and Beta 1.0. Defeated, the thug fled, and the experience helped eevee evolve into leafeon.

For his 15th birthday, he was finally llowed to adventure. Hisui, Beta 1.0, and Jade (leafeon) have trained to leave and head for the island. Hisui hopes to catch some of the world's greatest pokemon and become a great gym leader. Proud of his son, Hisui's father purchases him a 5th generation Pokedex and VS Seeker.

Personality: Extremely kind and thoughtful. Hisui always finds a way to put a smile on the face of those he meets. Despite his kind attitude, he is very relentless in battle. He has hardened skills from both long hours of study and battle experiece from his father's annual training. His big heart cannot allow him to stand by as a person or a pokemon is harmed, abused, or miss-treated.

Physical: Short(5'5") his short brown hair matches his light brown eyes. Lightly cut muscles. He looks very frail, but is quite the contrary. His thin body has been through countless endurance training, but he doesn't want to increase his body mass. His hair is similar to his father's, but is straighter than curly.

Clothing: Hisui is into trendy clothes. Anything that makes him look like a model or a rock star, he'll love to wear it. His wardrobe varies from small tees and tight jeans to hoodies and loose fitting cargo shorts. He has an array of footware. Most of which are from the lucrative Sliph Co's Running Shoes line of sneakers. Both sleek and fit for long travels.

Money: 5,000 (Saved of from working part time with his mom), 55,000(given to by his rich father)

Items: Cellphone(modded so he can call Beta 1.0 from anywhere), VS Seeker, 5th Gen Pokedex

Transport: Slich Co Running Shoes, on Emerald's back(emergencies only)

Pokémon as of Know

Name: Emerald
Species: Leafeon
Type: Grass

Name: Beta 1.0
Species: Porygon
Type: Normal
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Dragon's Mark

Posts : 85
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PostSubject: Re: Hisui Yoru Rp chars   Wed Nov 17, 2010 8:40 pm

Soubi Rikusho, the Noah of Truth

20 years old
5'5", 150 lbs

short white hair while normal, spiked white hair when agitated
Slim lightly toned body
wears baggy jeans and a dark green hoodie with a skull/rose design

Bitter and sarcastic. He is the most spoiled Noah. He does whatever he pleases and rarely is put on missions. The Millenium Earl treats him as a rich parent treats their child.In contrary to this, his is the only on to sweet talk the Earl into giving him as many Akuma he needs to play around with. His dictionary is closely mirrored to a rich, spoiled white girl.

His ability allows him to "speak the truth". By wording physical properties or lies, Soubi can manifest, alter, or change anything from what they actually are. If he were to say the floor is water, the battlefield will change into an ocean instantaneously. This power is usually used in a poem or in conversation without the target realizing. Despite this being one of the most potent of his abilities, his powers are only in their earliest stages. With the power to end a life with only a whim, he constantly pushes himself to be on the level of Tiki Mikk. Tiki has constantly teased him, as an older brother would, that he is spoiled and can never win a real fight without his abilities. Because of this, he will never end a life using his words directly.

Sano Suke

6'5 ; 190 lbs
short turquiose hair


- to absorb reitsu (only used as a form of eating)
- rapid cellular regeneration (blood cells, bone cells, and muscle cells)
- has limited pain receptors in body
- able to use hollow based skills outside their regular use
- through absorbsion, he can learn or pick up on skill information
- one of the few espada who has a second Reserreccion.


Due to the previous arrancars' failure to take over Serietei, in a alternate reality, Aisen planned on creating the perfect espada. He found a vasto lorde, and released his from his mask.

His power was absorbtion, and his first mission was to absorb the failures to Aisen-sama. After accomplishing this, he became the lead arrancar in Hueco Mundo.

What he doesn't know is that his power is growing. As he grows in strength, he continues to learn new moves from his past comrades. Will his emense power pervert his loyalty to Aisen-sama, or will he break away and become something more?

Jade Gambit

Long black pony tail
slim body
Average exorcist attire, laced with light lime trimmings

Jade is a warm hearted man. He is a Bookman and is very resourceful. He is usually seen helping out around the base. An avid reader, he is very knowledgeable about many things, including Akuma and holy magic. The magic is only used by high ranking clergyman such as Cross Marian, as well as casting them in unison with one another. When not reading, he is seen training, usually for extended hours. He is sometimes seen looking out his window, reminiscing of his past lives.


Several of his past lives have been as martial artist. This allows him flexibility, agility, heightened stamina and hand to hand skills. He keeps vials of highly concentrated holy water which is really a concentrated acid which is extremely flammible. He keeps small crosses in his coat which are very conductive to electricity.

His innocence, The Gospal, is a staff which has numerous abilities. It can transform from a staff to a scythe, levitate on the user's thoughts, and increases different attributes. While in 'Gospal' form, the staff increases the user's defense and speed. While in 'Wrath' form, the scythe increases attack strength and agility. Both forms increase his spells potency.

In a recent battle, he has increased his skills and had his innocence evolve into a halberd-like fusion of the Wrath and the Gospal. This strongly improves his spells potency.

In addition to The Gospal, he also wields his father's innocence, Tears of Peter. In a past battle, his father lost his life and prayed to God to protect his son. This strong bond with his son triggered the Innocence within his chest to transfer to his son. The Tears of Peter cast a thick protective barrier around the user and whom ever he chooses, which changes air particles to innocence. Studies show that it has evolved while in side him an has created a barrier around his heart.

Makoto Nagashi

A mild mannered, 5'9" man with short dark green hair. Not much can be said of him because he was selected to train directly under the highest level of training in kidou and hasn't accomplished much outside of Seretei. He is renowned for his extensive use and research of kidou. He recently displayed an great amount of strength and was admitted into squad 14.

- Considerably fast and are capable of maintaining high speed movements for extended periods of time.
- Proficient in Kidou and Bakudo. Very knowledgable of many spells.
- Can use multiple spells at once are even target multiple targets with one spell.
- Can use a number of spells of both low and high rank without incantation, still having great effect.
- Well rounded in Reitsu and Zanjutsu, having captian level reitsu and master swordsmenship.
- Enhanced Endurance allows him to withstand many attacks before kneelings in pain.
- Is an Expert Strategist & Tactician, easily analyzing a situation or an opponents abilities.

Kai Magellan, Navigator and Chef
Title: New World Pirate, son of Magellan

Shoku Shoku no Mi – a Paramecia fruit which allows Kai to govern plants.
Rokushiki User – Kai has mastered all 6 of the rokushiki techniques and has even perfected the hidden technique.
Specialized Haki – Kai is a specialized fighter in the Color of Armaments.

Sick of his vicious father, he runs away from his dark past, being trained under the new warden of Impel Down. His dream is to find one peace and restore civilness and order to a society gripped in fear and lawlessness. He longs to see his mother, but no one knows what happened to her.

Yuki/Yazi Namanaka

5'4", long dark green hair as Yuki, and light lime hair as Yazi.
Twin sisters who both have psychic powers. After a fateful day, Yazi was left in critical condition. Her body her degrading, but her spirit kept strong. Their father, a renowned neuro surgeon, possessed the skill to save his daughter until he found the technology to restore it completly. He updated Yuki's body with a small regulating machine which heightens her physical attributes, but also allows adrenaline to sustain Yazi in her mind. Both are able to take turns controlling the body, or combine their wavelengths to extremely heighten their powers.

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Dragon's Mark

Posts : 85
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PostSubject: Hisui Yoru Rp chars   Thu Nov 25, 2010 11:10 pm

So far, the Millenium Prominence has been working under the low key as Giovanni rose to power. Now, after the events of team Galactic, Prime has risen and brought to together some of the most powerful trainers in his villianous clutches. Millenium Prominence want power from the legends to rule all. Already succeding in controlling the three legendary dogs, they are rapidly reaching their goal as they take out gym leaders and elite four members and any other trainer who proves a threat.

Prime Cirilius
A ruthless towering man standing at 7'2". He trained from his teen years under Agatha and has vicious strategies of winning a battle in seconds. Prime will stop at nothing to reach his goals. He is known for his horrific Dusknoir which swalloed an entire building when he realized he was not chosen to be a gym leader for his ferocity. 37 people were killed in this event. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Beatryx Intrex
The elder sister of the gym leader Bugsy. Her power over bug pokemon far surpass her younger brother. Her main pokemon include Yanmega, Vespiquen, Beedrill, Pinco, and Masqurain. She is a small framed woman with light olive hair and dresses in lolita dresses and boots.

Victor Cannonhart
A sadistic thug released from prison. A renowned fighter in the fighting pokemon P1 Grand Prix. Victor fell from grace after a 100 winning streak and his manager asked him to pull some punches to get a bigger paycheck. Not only did he deny the case, he was tortured by his manager because they would have made more money if he lost. Crazed, Victor, his Hitmonlee, Hitmontop, and Hitmonchan beat everyone there, including woman and children. While the police came, they questioned why did he attack the inocent civilians, he simply responded, "Their screams of pain was better than any paycheck..."

Ulyssess Van der Silv
Hailing from a monach-type village near Fortree, Ulyssess comes from pokemon nobility. His family were the first to discover gold nuggets in a massive dig for fossils. His riches are only met by his cruelty to his pokemon. Treating them like servents rather than allies, Ulysses only respects his handsome pokemon. When the do bad, he would kick and scold them until they win. His pokemon include Absol, Sableye, and Frosslass.
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Dragon's Mark

Posts : 85
Points : 3384
Karma : 5
Join date : 2010-04-02
Age : 28
Location : Lost City of the Ancients

PostSubject: Re: Hisui Yoru Rp chars   Sat Apr 09, 2011 12:21 am

Mateus, the archangel

Apperance : He has a small frame and slender muscles. His silver hair shimmers in the light. His crimson eyes gleam in the shadows. He stands at 6’.

Personality: Cold but slightly caring, he tries his hardest not to linger to those in need.

Background: Little is known form this angel who fell from grace. He is close friends with the cloud messenger demigod. His powers are both light powers and dark powers, which can both be combined into a stronger twilight energy form.

Hachi Mazakachi

Background: Extremely kind and thoughtful. Hisui always finds a way to put a smile on the face of those he meets. Despite his kind attitude, he is very relentless in battle. He has hardened skills from both long hours of study and battle experience. He is a famous 2 star hunter.

Appearance: short black hair while normal, spiked black hair when agitated
Slim lightly toned body, wears baggy jeans and a dark green hoodie with a skull/rose design

Archeological/Information Hunter
Nen Ability: •True Treasures•
Nen Type: Conjuration and Specialization

-Conjure gemstones

-Manipulate them as stones, dust, and liquid, and as dust over the enemy to control their body

-Can emit a stone or dust aura to be shot
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PostSubject: Re: Hisui Yoru Rp chars   

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Hisui Yoru Rp chars

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