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 Arcane: Seekers of Lost Magic

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Admin-Tech Head

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PostSubject: Arcane: Seekers of Lost Magic   Sun Jul 22, 2012 10:53 pm

The Setting:

Takes place in the year 3000. The homeland is a large metropolis city where there are several flying vehicles, electronic advertisement billboards, and very few wheeled vehicles. The uses of cell phones are still around but, they are way more advanced. They are more like mini computers in the sense, by pressing a button on the device  a virtual keyboard is displayed and the person can type much quicker as if typing on a basic keyboard. It can save many different types of files handy for people who usually deal with a lot of attachments or downloading different things for whatever reason. The phones can also talk to the owner letting them know, for example, bad weather is soon on the way or to let them know the route they are travelling in has high traffic. Those are just a few capabilities of the phones in these times. If someone didn’t like to drive, there are many teleport capsules that can teleport someone, somewhere so they could be much closer to their destination. There are also little square devices that could transfer objects to someone. For example, if a guy had a birthday present for his best friend who lived far away. He wouldn’t need to send it in the mail whereas he could have this device scan the object then transport it straight to the friend as long as he too had the same device. School buildings are shaped like skyscrapers now due to the world wanting to keep the Metropolitan theme.

Over the course of centuries magic became more and more obsolete in the sense that very few people these days use it and the word "magic" seems like some old invention like the record player. The people using magic these days don't know how to conjure magic from their hands or wands but instead they rely on cards named Arcanorum Cards. Some student’s (that would be your characters) grow curious to what exactly caused this. In the history books they read, it talks about mage, wizards, and witches at one time being able to control magic through their hands, wands, and other means but now magic was just used through these customized cards. The students investigate the history books extensively trying to find clues as to what exactly caused the idea of magic to disappear. They soon can place their finger on a possible region but no exact location or who/what caused it.

Something’s You Should Know About This RP
-There will be fighting. However don’t let this discourage you the fighting style is VERY different than the normal bash your opponent to a pulp. This is explained more near the bottom
-You can control up to two characters. If you want to do more you’ll have to contact me, K.Dracone.
-Must remain active please check every day for posts in this RP, I’d like for the RP to not slow down because of one person.
-Your characters are human! There are no special abilities of any sort aside from the fact that your character can use magic. Please refer to the bottom to understand how magic is used.

How Magic is Used

As mentioned in the introduction, the age of magic seems to have been lost and therefore, magic is now used through magical cards called, Arcanorum Cards . The user channels their magical energy through their body into the card being able to unleash the sealed power inside. There are 7 Categories of cards and 5 Types of cards. The Categories are:  Flame Cards, Windy Cards, Zap Cards, Drench Cards, Healer Cards, Tamer Cards, and Basic Cards. A person can control only one element based on your characters magical type. So if your character has lightning magic he can only use the Zap Cards. Keep in mind Basic Cards are not based on element so everyone can use them along with their corresponding element. So for example, my character will be using Flame Cards along with Basic Cards. This is the wise decision because the battles inside the RP are based on how strategically you use your cards. The more options you have the better. The 5 types of cards are: Offensive, Defensive, Hazard, Support, and Convenient Cards. Each magical user can link up to 10 Offensive and Defensive cards. And link to 3 Hazard, Support, and Convenient Cards.

It is up to you, the author of your character, to come up with your own cards. The fighting style is more of a strategic game than just simply trying to overpower your opponent through big strong attacks. Cards are limited on their usage and so should be used in a wise manner. The rules on cards will be explained more on the bottom.

Arcanorum Cards

*Remember* You make your own cards, this is just the guideline to help you on how to create them.

  • Offensive cards are the cards that you mainly attack with based on your element, excluding that you are using Basic Cards as well. There are three level types for Offensive cards. Level 1 consist of straightforward attacks. So come up with attacks like Lightning Bolt or Fireball which do just what their name portrays. Level 2 consist of attacks that can be manipulated by shape or direction. Level 3 consist of attacks that usually give an after effect. For example, Flaming Meteor would create a basketball sized blazing meteor to strike the opponent when it hits it then creates a flaming shockwave that spreads in about 6 feet radius to deal a little extra damge. Keep in mind you can hold up to 10 offensive cards in total. Level 1 Cards can be used 10 times, Level 2 Cards can be used 5 times, and Level 3 Cards can be used 2 times.

  • Defensive Cards are cards that you block incoming attacks with and possibly Counter with them (Magic Users normally use Basic Cards for the Defensive category due to element based cards being possibly weaker to the opponents element. Feel free to use element based Defensive cards though, you make your own strategy). Level 1 Cards are the cards that are used to simply block attacks however be unique with how the card will protect you. Level 1 cards can serve as a Level 2 card if used properly. Level 2 cards are mainly for countering against your opponent by usually redirecting the attack in some form or fashion. Level 3 cards are mainly a flawless defense that can cancel any attack. Keep in mind you can hold up to 10 defensive cards in total. Level 1 Cards can be used 10 times, Level 2 Cards can be used 5 times, and Level 3 Cards can be used 2 times.

  • Hazard Cards are cards used to temporarily trap your opponent maybe creating a pitfall or ensnaring web. These traps can only last for one turn. Each person is allowed to link to a max of 3 Hazard Cards and they can only be used once per match. This means that if a character has 2 of the same card he'll only be able to use one of those cards.

  • Support Cards are used to temporarily provide a boost to the user maybe to enhance speed for one turn or give them ability to fly/levitate. The effects from a support card can only last for one turn so use them wisely and carefully. Each person is allowed to link to a max of 3 Hazard Cards.

  • Convenient Cards are cards that are used in convenience. For example, a Flame Magical Type magician may use a card called Torch in order to light up the area in dark spaces or use it to provide heat when necessary. Another example would be possibly for the Healer Magical Type. They may just have a card called Heal to heal the injured. Convenient Cards will be helpful throughout your journey so decide which ones you want carefully to not only benefit yourself but your teammates as well.

  • Basic Cards. If you are still confused exactly what Basic Cards do think of them as cards with no element. For example, my character will use some Basic Cards that use sound waves. Basic Cards can be anything you like that doesn't deal with the natural elements. So you may be able to have psychic based basic cards or illusion like basic cards. It's up to you to be creative about it because you create all your cards to fit your strategic way of fighting with magic. Your basic cards will count as cards within your set so let's say you already have 7 offensive cards. you can only include 3 more basic cards for the offensive type. because 10 is the max amount you can have for Offensive.

-Duplication of cards is allowed.
-Consider using a Defensive card called "Cancel" it creates a magical void that protects you from almost any attack. (this is a Level 3 card)

When you're done make sure you check the list below to know that you've setup up your character right:

    -Magic Type (Drench, Flame, Zap, Windy, Healer, Tamer, or None) If your character has no Magic Type then they can only rely on Basic Cards.
    -At least 10 Offensive Cards
    -At least 10 Defensive Cards
    -At least 3 Support Cards
    -At least 3 Hazard Cards
    -Any amount of Convenient Cards.

If you would like to confirm if some of your Offensive/Defensive cards are either Level 1,2, or 3 just find me in the chatbox or send me a Private Message and I'll be glad to help you out. :)Also if you have ANY and i mean ANY questions about anything please send me a PM or contact me in the chatbox. I will help you out for sure!

Designed these myself. This is what the back of your cards will look like. Starting from left to right, beginning with the card "A" is: Basic Card, Flame Card, Drench Card, Zap Card, Windy Card, Healer Card, and Tamer Card. Feel free to click your card to save it or have a better look at it.

Character Profile
This is how your character profile should look

(Picture if any)
Magical Type: (Flame, Zap, Drench, Windy, Healer, Tamer, None)
Description: (Only if you have no picture to display)
Bio: (Optional.)
Favorite Line: (Optional.)

Please post your characters in RP Start for people to view character information. Click "RP Start" and it will send you straight there.

Predecessor of the Shadows

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Admin-Tech Head
Admin-Tech Head

Posts : 1389
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PostSubject: Re: Arcane: Seekers of Lost Magic   Tue Jul 24, 2012 2:10 pm

Battle System Rules: (These rules are bound to change due to the battle system still being thought up.)
  • Characters can use up to two cards per turn.
  • You can not force an action on an opponent meaning none of your cards should have 100% chance on anything.
  • Remember your character's are human so running on walls, jumping to high locations, and etc. should not be possible without the assistance of a Support type card. Also running around for long periods of time should slowly but surely bring down your characters stamina because once again. The characters are human.
  • If you are to run out of cards to use in battle you are deemed the loser and must forfeit. The cards are your only means of fighting.
  • If you feel at a loss feel free to call on a friend to tag team match with you. (this applies to if your facing a villain).
  • Killing someone in a Magical Card battle is seen as a disgrace and therefore your characters aim should not be to kill your opponent.
  • Of course, feel free to use a combination attack with two cards. All that is required that it is reasonable and makes absolute sense.
  • Feel free to challenge each other to heighten your skills with Acarnorum Cards.

Predecessor of the Shadows
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Arcane: Seekers of Lost Magic

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