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 Sakura's RP Chara~

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Sakura Tsubasa
Sakura Tsubasa

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PostSubject: Sakura's RP Chara~   Mon Jul 16, 2012 10:36 pm

Name: Momo Mana Hikari Sorano Sohma (Love, affection lights of the sky)
Nickname: Dorei (Slave), little one, Ma-chan, Sky-chan, Hikari
BirthdayDecember 20th
ZodiacAmerican: Sagittarius Chinese zodiac: dog
OccupationHigh Scool Student
SpeciesCursed Human
Significant OtherNone
FamilyMomo has a ton of family, she has 12 cousins, even 6 brothers and 5 sisters.

(Will be drawing a better version of what she looks like. ^_^))

Physical DescriptionMomo is a petite girl with long pure purple hair and golden eyes. With her split personality her hair turns pure white and eyes turn glowing purple. Her height is 5 foot tall and not an inch taller.

PersonalityThere are three words to describe this young girl, kind, sweet, caring. A shy cloud washes over her when you first come into contact with Mana. She always puts her friends before herself and is a perfectionist.Her abilities are miraculous and even a wonder to most. Mana also has no self esteem what so ever and has trouble saying no to people. When someone is in trouble she will defend her friends if there being made fun of. Mana doesn’t want people to worry about her all the time, so she doesn’t tell them her problems, even if there’s something wrong. She doesn’t fight only when she has to. Rarely she opens up to people and hides her sadness inside. She hides her pain with happiness. But their is a darker side to this girl. A split personality deep inside her

Sexuality: Straight

Back StoryMomo comes from the well known and wealthy Sohma family, but every family has a dark secret. This young girl has gone through the worst from the god of her family and is curse to feel every other Zodiacs pain. Even due to the torture she has made bonds with her family and the other Sohma family. Light will always come forth from the darkness. (More info will come soon)
Likes/DislikesLikes: Mana loves the smell of fresh air and only wants to be free. Her love for the world shines through her actions and even in her high school. Meeting new people inspires her to be kind to everyone. The young spirited girl loves small cute things, so she your typical girl.

Dislikes: Mana hate most of all is being alone for so long, not waking up from a dream, never being able to see a sunset again, the darkness, and thunderstorms.
Strengths/WeaknessesStrength: Eye and hearing are sharp, movements are graceful as her curse, fighting skill are impeccable (when her split personality kicks in), her kindness earns trust easy, social skills, do anything for love ones and speed.

Weaknesses: Freaks out during thunderstorm, hates blood, can't swim very well, split personality can hurt people, loud noises, being a burden, and darkness

ExtraSecret Powers: Mana has the ability to heal others, mentally and physically.
Powers tole: Mana's physical body is weakened with each use.
Curse: When hugged by the opposite Sex she turns into a pure white dove.
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Sakura's RP Chara~

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