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 Register to Skate!

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Top Recruiter
Top Recruiter

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PostSubject: Register to Skate!   Tue Jul 10, 2012 8:15 pm


Nickname (Optional):
A-T's Color:
Team (Original is recommended):
Team Rank:
(A-F. A being the highest - F being the lowest)
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Top Recruiter
Top Recruiter

Posts : 1112
Points : 4501
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Age : 24
Location : Where am I...? >.>

PostSubject: Re: Register to Skate!   Wed Jul 11, 2012 8:48 pm

Name: Kiiro Kaori
Nickname (Optional): Ki-Chan
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Short pink hair and green eyes.
Usually wearing strange or
costume-like outfits. Hair color changes often.
Title: Sunny Striker
Road: Sonia Road
Regalia: Thorn Regalia
A-T's Color: Sunset Colors
Team (Original is recommended): -undecided-
Leader: -undecided-
Members: -undecided-
Emblem: -undecided-
Team Rank: -yet to be ranked-
(A-F. A being the highest - F being the lowest)
Personality: Wild, sassy, flirty, spontaneous, indecisive, reckless,
determined, lazy, protective, oblivious, tomboy, and strange.
Growing up without parents, the young pink-head often got herself into all kinds of trouble. With only
a very hard working sister beside her, she often looked to her for direction. And it was at a young age that Kiiro's older sister,
Katori, was busted in action. Katori was found leading her own gang with the use of A-T's to keep dangerous criminals away from their
neighborhood. Kiiro didn't care much about the noble prospect, but instead saw interest in the A-T's themselves.
Katori took Kiiro in as a member, but only did this to keep Kiiro's recklessness under close watch.
A few years later in a battle for territory, the debris of a crashing warehouse took Katori's life and ended the Team; the members
splitting up after the loss of their leader.
It was after that that Kiiro calmed down considerably with her acts of disobedience, but she never stopped
training with her A-T's. She became loyal to the Sonia Road's style of fighting and followed in her sisters footsteps.
Kiiro was then forced to work many odd jobs in order to vent out her racing emotions and keep a roof over her head.
Her most recent job is delivering tools and mechanic parts to stores in the city that come in from overseas.
During breaks for leisure time, she often finds herself training on the beach or in her garage tuning up her skates to meet her
personal goal.
Kiiro has vowed, if nothing else, to one day take the badge of the gang that stole her sister away from her at any cost.
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Fluent Mind
Fluent Mind

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PostSubject: Re: Register to Skate!   Thu Jul 12, 2012 1:34 pm


Nickname (Optional):Strider

Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance:He always wears his AT long sleeved shirt , under his choice of jacket varying on the mood. His Dog tag has a picture of lightning , and his
beaded necklace was a family heirloom he keeps around .He gives off a look of evil , and general apathy for the world.
Title/Epithet:Sentinel of Flame

Road: Flame Road
Regalia: None at the moment .
A-T's Color: This awesome color right here
Team (Original is recommended): -undecided-
Leader: -none yet-
Members: -none yet-
Emblem: -pending team-
Team Rank: -pending leader -
(A-F. A being the highest - F being the lowest)
Personality:He gives off an aura of a calm , collected person. Until he meets someone that can give him a challenge , his blood starts to boil and he
begins to get more passionate about the match or situation.

At first glance Zephyr looks like a generic skater. The kid whose parents , died , divorced etc. But that it is not the case. He is average student at the local High school, his friends where the ones with the generic life. They either had a bad life that made them turn to A-T's , or a privilege life that allowed them to be the best. He never had the choice of either one. But we are getting ahead of his life here. He was raised in a typical family. They imposed values of caring , greed when you want to get ahead. Things that make sense when you don't apply ethics to. This didn't appeal to him , he wasn't one to just sit blindly and allow others to feed him information . Even as a young child , being told something was hot didn't work for him. He had to feel what hot was he needed wisdom and experience not just knowledge. This led him to eventually try everything. While he was the average student, his lifestyle , and way of life was different than most. So one uneventful day in his life , as a gift his friends all pitched in to buy him some A-t's as a birthday present for him at Age 13. This wasn't something he had tried , and when he did he enjoyed it. While he became quite proficient at it , he could never find anyone near the school good enough to give him the thrill that everyone else has felt. While he lives his normal life in school, he decided that it would be best to keep academic life away from his A-t based life. So our average student's life now has a twist, to it that not many people know about.

Now flash forward 4 years, Zephyr has mastered that art of his dual life , he has developed and follow the Flame road.While Zephyr lives a regular life and gives off the notion that he can ride A-T's he never allows anyone to know who he is or how good he is. He always claims to be a casual rider. How can this be ? Well Zephyr has moved around alot due to his family. He has met his friends once , they didn't recognize him , which pleased him because his life could not be disturbed now .While he has not been apart of a team , he has always subbed in for friends and other people have come to know the name of "Strider". His main reason for not leaving A-tTs is because he has not found his Regalia yet. He has to fully experience , A-T's if he could ever be sastified. But even if he does find his Regalia would that be enough for him ? Maybe he wasn't such a average student and he was something more.

Last edited by Bro_Strider on Fri Jul 13, 2012 12:41 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Admin-Tech Head
Admin-Tech Head

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PostSubject: Re: Register to Skate!   Thu Jul 12, 2012 11:35 pm

Name: Dave Sullivan
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Yellow laid down hair with a cap. He's always wearing his cap.
Title/Epithet: Striker
Road: Rising Road
Regalia: None
A-T's Color: Gold and Metallic Black.
Team (Original is recommended): Wants to be a part of Dark Lotus
Leader: Romana the Light Blade Dancer
Members: -------
Team Rank: C
(A-F. A being the highest - F being the lowest)
Personality: Nice, Calm spirited, easy going, accepting.
Bio: Dave is the 5th and youngest of his siblings who are all brothers to each other. Three them, not including Dave, set out to enjoy the AT life. Being able to watch them as a kid do so many tricks and ascend so high in the sky fascinated him. He told his parents that he'd want to one day join the AT life. Though his parents were of an older generation and didn't particularly see the fun and need of AT's they were aware that they must let their sons live in the moment of their generation. They decided if he could keep making straight A's up to the 10th grade they'll surely buy him a pair of excellent AT's. Time passed on and he was able to maintain super high grades in school. With his parents proud they did what they promised. Now remember, the AT wasn't of their generation so they had no idea that the better the AT's the harder it was too control. Luckily one of the elder sons who were involved in the AT life had stopped Dave from riding his new AT's from the start. He told Dave about the basics and how to go about learning how to ride properly. He lent Dave is starter AT's until Dave was ready to move on. After constant rides around the city Dave picked up a natural ability to excel in the art of riding on AT's and to this day he uses the wonderful AT's his parents had bought for him.

Predecessor of the Shadows

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PostSubject: Re: Register to Skate!   Fri Jul 13, 2012 12:28 am

Name: Ramona E. Q.
Nickname : Mona (only if she give you expressed permission to do so)
Age: 16
Gender: female
Appearance: Ramona has a petite slender frame, with striking contrast of dark hair against her pale skin. Her eyes are an icy blue, and she casually dresses in feminine pale colors with an occasional black accent piece.
Title/Epithet: Light Blade Dancer
Road: Bloody “Fang” Road
Regalia: none
A-T's Color: Matte Black with LED light wheels(that can change color)
Team : Black Lotus
Leader: Ramona E. Q.
Team Rank: C

Personality: Ramona is very direct and straightforward when speaking. She absolutely despises round about ways of talking and prefers one to just “spit it out already.” Don’t even try to bother her with something that she deems useless or you might get the rant, of how important her practice time is, and how irreplaceable those minutes of her time you just wasted were. Nevertheless, Ramona is a fierce and loyal friend and though gaining her friendship make take some worth proving, once you gain her acceptance it is hard to lose it. Ramona has a soft spot for a good laugh and those who go through the trouble of trying to make her do so.

Ramona’s words are softly spoken with a cool assertiveness. She is very careful and likes to weigh out all her options. People never really understand Ramona until they see her dance. She pushes herself not because she wants anyone’s approval but because she wants to express precisely what she can’t get across with mere words.

Bio: Ramona was raised a proper lady by her mother, learning all the finer things in life such as music, poetry, etiquette and of course dance. From the time Ramona could walk, she was practicing ballet. Her father is an international photographer, meaning that many weeks and sometimes months he spends away from his family. Ramona found solace in dancing when he was away, pushing herself sometimes way too far. On many an occasion she’s broken something, pulled a muscle or just past out from exhaustion. As she got older, Ramona managed to control herself better and not destroy her body.

When her father is home all Ramona’s intense practice and schooling get put on hold and no matter how much her mother may harp about it, both girls are glad to have their main man home. Her Father taught her many invaluable lessons about how to use one’s art to affect people. Her father Roman Q., for who she is name, was the one who got Ramona her first and only pair of A-T’s. He had them customized so the wheels would light up, They A-T were very similar to a pair of ballet or dancing shoes, which made them very easy for Ramona to use. At first the A-T’s where her father’s way of bonding and practicing different photo capturing techniques. Her father called it light painting, setting the camera on long exposure and capturing the paths of light created by Ramona dancing in the A-Ts.

Next thing Ramona knew, she was light painting on her own, no camera necessary. She found strength and motivation in the streaks and cut of light she would leave everywhere. It was even more fun to see her light cut or ‘paint’ over the people who challenged her. Her combination of dance and skilled A-T riding makes Ramona a forced to be reckoned with. As a result Ramona decided on following the Fang Road as a reflection of her. The blood and broken bones it took over the years to acquire her level of talent and the many people who couldn’t stand up against her. Her dancing and A-T riding leaves people trailing in the light she leaves behind. The dance world isn’t for the faint of heart, at the slightest hint of weakness, it will chew you up and spit you out all mangled and bruised.

Last edited by TheMadHattress on Tue Jul 17, 2012 5:55 pm; edited 2 times in total
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Chaest Skadi
The Creator!
The Creator!

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Location : An icy enclave in the basement of Jotunheim.

PostSubject: Anthony Tomahawk   Fri Jul 13, 2012 9:13 pm

Name: Anthony Tomahawk
Nickname: Zeus
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: He is always dressed in an immaculately white. He has a type of Ball Roller AT made to look like expensive Italian dress shoes.
Title/Epithet: Atmosphere Shattering Zeus
Road: Jade Road
Regalia: Gem Regalia
A-T's Color: White
Team: Olympus
Leader: Anthony Tomahawk
Members: Unknown
Emblem: "Olympus" styled in elegant calligraphy with two lightning bolts framing the bottom and top of the word.
Team Rank: A
Personality: Outwards he appears to be quite kind and polite. However in reality he is extremely manipulative and sadistic.
Bio: Ever since he was a kid Anthony dreamed of dreamed of flying. However an unfortunate AT accident left him partially paralyzed. Almost crushed he fell into a horrible depression and began to loathe everyone who was able to fully enjoy the world of AT. He was rehabilitated to walk again however after a few years he realized he would never be able to soar with his AT as others.
By chance however he was able to meet Sora "Nike" Takuechi who changed his AT perspective and gifted him with the Gem Regalia. From that day forward Anthony vowed to use his Regalia to crush any who ever dared to soar on their own AT.

Our life's a stage, a comedy: either learn to play and take it lightly, or bear its troubles patiently.

I've rescinded your right to live because you aspired to cut my pride with such a dull blade.

There's nothing unusual here…The appropriate one stands in the appropriate place after the inappropriate ones have collapsed to the ground, defeated. There is nothing unexpected or odd about it. Because this is reality. Not one shred of uncertainty exists here. Not even fear, of course…

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PostSubject: Re: Register to Skate!   

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Register to Skate!

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