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 Roads and Regalia

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PostSubject: Roads and Regalia   Tue Jul 10, 2012 8:01 pm

You're going to need this for your character info.
So here, I've decided to simplify it and make it available for everyone
while filling out their profiles. I didn't want to make it too wordy, but I
hope to inform you just enough.
It was quite a bit of work for me to read and write so please take the time
to skim for your characters profiles.

Basic Information:

A-T's: Air Treck's, special skates used originally for special transportation
before used for fighting and as the major weapon of choice in gangs.

Regalia are a set of unique moves or techniques that coincide with the user
and their AT's. These moves are considered a double-edged sword since it takes
a lot from the user to be able to perform.

Tuner: A tuner is used to optimize and control your Regalia. Without a tuner,
the Regalia can become uncontrollable and cause terrible injuries to the user.

Roads: Roads can be considered a class that help determine the Regalia.

For example, if using Flame Regalia, you are classifying yourself with the Flame Road.

Wing Road:
-considered purest because closest to the sky.
-low pressure
-can reduce injuries through their body
-"Gravity Control" you can extend the height and distance of jumps
-"Wings" add tailwind to the users
-Able to predict and see pressures and wind
-"Catching Moon Drops" interfacing with wind and creating your own pressure

Wind Regalia: Moonstruck Drop Bagram:
-can make your A-T's anywhere from a dozen to hundreds times more efficient.
Your wheels unfurl into wings and allow you to really feel like you're flying.
You can even ride on water appearing to be able to float on given surfaces.

Roads that duplicate/are similar to this one:
Gale, Hurricane, and Jade Road.
Gale: Similar but focuses more on strength and aggressiveness rather than speed.
Jade: An evolved version of Wind Road that is Wind and Gaia combined.
Hurricane: Evolved version that is a fusion of Wing and Over Roads.

Flame Road:
-similar to Wind Road since Wind and Fire are considered to be "free"
-the four wheels produce torrents of flames
-linked to EVERY A-T's memory data, you can tap into other Flame users tricks
-can bend light
-create illusions from heat mirages
-can create heat (useful against Rising Road)
-can nullify all except the strongest of Rising Roads techniques with its flames
-"Time" technique uses fast and precise moves to freeze the movements of the opponent
-With Flame Regalia activated, you can freeze the enemy and strike at his nerves and joints, making
their body weak.

Bloody "Fang" Road:
-nicknamed fang because of its slice technique
-tremendous pressure on the users thighs
-can accelerate and decelerate almost instantly
-uses chains and hooks to bind their opponent
-wheels split into saw blade shape when doing Regalia, takes away ability to jump, but
converts all energy into a large outgoing shock wave

Sonia Road:
-only females can use it because of the power needed and the strain forced on the hips
-hurts the user and can be considered "torture"
-burdens the body with high pressures
-high advantage against Wing and Gaia Roads
-base of all moves are at the hip instead of the usual knee
-increases flexibility and nimbleness (quick and light)
-can reach full potential when under pressure
-can cushion attacks through the bloodstream
-Thorn Regalia: takes the shape of a bow and sends out arrow shaped sonic booms
Doesn't take much from the hips since you only need to metaphorically pull on the string of the bow.
Making the attacks effortless.
-Back wheels disassemble into whip and forked end allowing to cut through the air and send thorn-like sonic
booms out towards the opponent.

Rising Road:
-specializes in offense. electric and magnetic energy.
-converts kinetic energy into electric
-creates illusions and manipulates electricity to their benefit
-can create illusions of monsters out of electricity that can actually attack
-Thunder Regalia: full body suit capable of destroying an entire town
-can create strong magnetic force, pulling in metal objects
-electromagnetic waves that make people delusional

Over Road:
-compresses wind to form walls of air
-gets stronger with the more air it faces. stronger wind = greater compression
-Rumble Regalia: Ram Jet: air is compressed and heated into a dangerous fluid
Boombox shaped piece on the users arm where the strength of the user is greatly relied upon
Extends claw-like appendages
-Wheels split revealing nozzles to increase air intake

Gaia Road:
-focuses interaction with the ground
-concentrates on immobilization of their opponent, but causes damage to their A-T's
-can memorize the shape of land and locate other Riders
-can paralyze opponents by numbing them
-creates seismic "Sonar" waves to locate and reveal information about the opponent
-create waves to levitate objects
-Gem Regalia: Hardest Apostolica the core attaches to the back wheel of the A-T, "blossoms"
and digs into the ground, immobilizing the user. sends vibration into the ground while connected and
paralyzes the enemy.

Ring Road:
-only Road that is non-offensive
-supportive Road that focuses on sound since every rider has a rhythym
-carries link tuners to help with another persons A-T's
-has been known to use blades of sound through a guitar mechanism
-can monitor and retune A-T's while on the fly
-Pledge Regalia: metallic cross, human sized that splits into a ring, synchronizes with the person
connected to it, aiding them and granting their abilities while together.
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Roads and Regalia

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