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 LordDeathCake's Characters

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PostSubject: LordDeathCake's Characters    Mon Jul 09, 2012 11:38 pm

Name: ''Lord'' Death Cake the Fifth

Alias: Lord Death Cake

Age: Since the dawn of cooking.

Appearance: Cake stands at 5'8 in height, how heavy he is.. Secret. Cake has odd dark pink which spills over his shoulders in unruly curls, which becomes lighter as they reach the ends, in the back are two curls which look like drills more than curls, in the front the drill-like curls start right above the end of his hair. His eyes are a teal color, but his pupils are more of a faded blue, this being said about his eyes, they are also cat-like. Cake has fair skin, with a lot of light freckles on his face going down his to his chest, he isn't dressed like a royal like one would think.

His normal outfit is rather..simple. Cake wears a dark pink tee-shirt which has the Death Cake symbol on it, a cupcake stamped with a skull, and sprinkles around the edges, he sometimes wears a razz-berry colored fedora, which acts more like a sun-hat than anything. He wears white shorts which on his body, reaches his knees, along with dark pink sandals. As a side note, no matter what he wears, he also has a black glove covering his right hand.

Costume: Outside of his normal outfit, he wears his armor. His helmet covers his head, leaving no skin exposed, the helmet has a single pink diamond in the back of the head, at the base of the helmet. The helmet is easily removable. His chest-plate is dark pink, the symbol of the cakes adorned in the middle of it, the armor covering his arms is rather light compared to the rest of his body, leaving only a small amount of armor plating them. Along his waist is a cloak around his hips, covering his legs completely when he doesn't move, but under is simply more dark armor. If he doesn't feel like putting on his armor, he will simply go out in his normal clothes.

Powers/Skills: Death Cake himself is rather focused around combat, being trained by each of the best Cakian warriors his kingdom had to offer to him, his raw strength is next-to none on the battle field. Despite being a hard hitter, Cake is oddly fast, he has been seen as a blur while fighting.

He is also greatly skilled in Cakian magic, his magical prowess is next to non in the Cakian Realm, being only rivaled by his sister in skill. But hardily uses it for anything besides powering up his attacks with the attribute of poison. His magic aura is infecting and poisonous in nature, causing those around him, when he releases it, to suddenly get the feeling of extreme illness. Death is also able to use the forbidden magic to create..The Mort gâteau.

The details about eating, let alone touching the cake is mostly unknown. The effects are known to be grizzly. He is able to create anything food related out of thin air, and any size, shape, weight, density and amount.

He is also able to control food and drinks that is already there, and give it abilities that it shouldn't normally have, such as, a cup of coffee is now suddenly like glue, a length of taffy can be used as a whip-blade, producing whipped cream to expel from points in his body to mimic flight, the list goes on.

He is also able to manipulate something called ''The Grand Oven'' to create blades ranging from tooth-picks, to weapons that seem impossible to wield. He can also control the blades he creates with something close to Telekinesis.

Bio: He was born to Lord Death Cake the Forth, and his wife, both were proud of the son they created, though his father was perplexed by his odd hair color. His life in the Cakian kingdom was rather closed in, he never really ventured out into the rest of the world, though his father kept wanting him to become stronger, for what you might ask? That stayed with his father.

Around 200 years after his birth, the Batterians came, the kingdom was burning, the people..Screams echoed though the roads, Rya and his mother were put away for the battle, the battle went on for weeks, but the Cakians won the battle, his father gravely wounded, his mother rapidly using her own magic to heal him, his father was taken away to heal.

His mother ran the kingdom while his father recovered, never one for being ''Weak'' his father escaped from his chambers to rule along side his queen. Rya became the prince of the kingdom, though his duties for the kingdom made him venture out into the world, though his father and mother didn't enjoy the idea of him leaving the kingdom, he had to.

Earth, that's where he was sent, the world confused him greatly, he later found out that he had landed in England, he has been staying there for the past few weeks. He would be staying there for a while, he went around the place once or twice..But it still didn't have what he was looking for.

He went back to his hotel room, watching the sun pass over the ''Torch'' to the moon, as the moon came up, he went down..Into a bed. This became his routine for weeks to come..

Weapons: Grimpage Eclair: Around two feet in length, and about five inches wide. This small, heavily decorated rod doesn't seem like much of a weapon to fear, this weapon is his first, given to him by his mother, Queen Crumpet, which she used in her rule of the Cakian people. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in power. With a small release of magic, this weapon grows another four feet, the tip becoming jagged before a blade rips from the sides of the top, a double bladed Scythe, truly a wicked weapon.

Biscuit Damné: This weapon is..A cookie, a huge cookie shaped like a shield, despite the crumbly goodness of the cookie it is remarkably durable. It is able to take massive amounts of damage before..The cookie crumbles, but. He can always bake another. Given to him by his Great Aunt Pound Cake.

Onzième Boulanger: Also known as the weapon which shattered the will of the Batterians, this is Rya's final weapon. His last resort against his foe, that's is if they get pass both of his others first. A sword, the sides of the blade coated with gold, the middle of the blade is sparkling with diamonds, the blade itself is platinum, the handle appears to be made out of some black fabric. The blade his father before him used in the battle of the ages, now given to him. The Wrath of The Cakes..Can you handle it?

2) Name: Ballantyne ''Black Forest'' Cake the Sixth

Alias: Black Forest

Judgement: Evil..Kinda.

Gender: Female

Species: Imperial Cakian

(Physical) Age: 17

(Chronological Age): 500

Costume: Her outfit is about as odd as can get. She has a small, white truffle, on a small plate, on right side of her head, which has what appears to be a gold wrapping hanging off the plate, but it doesn't EVER fall off. Ever. She has a somewhat-strawberry designed pin and ribbon above her forehead, the ribbon is pale green, white, and pale pink.

She also wears a ribbon around her neck with the same colors as the pin in her hair. Her shirt is about the same as a bakers, though the torso is like a corset, holding up her bust with the top part, the chest area of the corset is pale pink, while the shoulder and back is pure white, around mid-torso is lacy and..Well, it's like somebody took a short-cake, cut it in half, and then made it into a fabric, the very middle of it is light green, two ''Strawberries'' with strings connecting them. There is also a large light green, pale pink, and white bow around the end of her shirt.

Her waist is covered in a white, short doily, underneath is a fluffy pink, light beige and white skirt, there are 6 cherries topping her skirt, under that are stockings that have the following colors, dark green, pure white, pale pink, light red, light green, leading down into light red and white sneakers.

Casual Attire: Ballan has extremely long Deep pink hair which hangs down to her chest, the very ends are curly like her older brother's hair, her eyes are Magenta, though they randomly change to deep red at times. Her skin is quite fair and oddly soft for such a warrior, though she lives by ''Not getting her hands dirty'' She wears a short, white, black and red sun-dress, along with a cherry-like necklace. Her shoes are black and white, red at the very tip of her, though her shoes are high-heels.

History: After Death-Cake's long-term leave, she was born from the king and queen, she had heard the stories of Death from around the kingdom, though she always thought that she was and could be better. Her training was focused around attacking from afar and causing the most damage to the foe without going to close.

She was later given a weapon that was made just for her, Venin Final. Her mastery over her powers and her weapon made her be feared and renown. Her mother and father was quite joyful of her strength around the kingdom.

And that's just the way she liked it.

Items: None.

Weapons: Venin Final: Her weapon is claws that fit on her fingers, climbing up to her wrist before stopping, the design of it makes them look like thorns of some kind, the main color of it is white.

Méchante Cerise: Twin fans, the spotted red and black design along with the cherry-shaped orb in the middle of each fan gives it the look of a harmless object, better watch your back, if looks could kill.

Pécheur Indulgence: Her last weapon is a wonderfully designed dagger, the wicked edge of it is a warning if she does bring this out. She can focus her magic though the tip of it like a wand.

Powers: Ballan has a large amount of knowledge about food-related spells, curses, charms, and hexes. She can cast them with deadly focus as well, each one of her spells have some effect on the foe, like if she casted a hex on a drink, no matter what the drink was, it would taste like trash, though her hexes normally run out of effect sooner or later. Her curses is what you must be worried about.

Her food ability is about as free to roam as Death's, but she keeps herself to more expensive foods, she can control everything about her food that her brother can. One of her spells involves exploding alba truffles, they go boom at her mark. Though, not all of her spells are for evil, sometimes she just makes a Chocopologie just to eat.

Skills/Abilities: Her food ability is about as odd as her brother, though her food is made out of more hard to get items, meaning her food takes a little longer to make, but it's still the same damage amount. Her amount of spells can keep the foe on their toes, but the tasty goodness sometimes brings foes to her, that's if, they like sweets. She is well-off keeping the foe at a distance, bombarding the foe with sudden bonbon-bombs, or something along those lines.

She is able to create drinks and liquors as well, though this can be used along with some of her food to make a combo.

Quote(s): "Hello. Brother, it's been so long." "I've always wanted to do this, to share my pain with you." "This is the last time you will touch me, i will live, and you will die." "Why? Why do you have to be the best!? You were always the best! You left me with nothing.."

Fun Facts: She hasn't met Cake as of yet, though her hate is still there. She doesn't enjoy eating anything that she doesn't that she didn't make. If truth be told, Ballan isn't really evil, she's merely just a brat. She hardily does anything that kills anybody.

Theme Song: World Is Mine-Hatsune Miku.
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PostSubject: Re: LordDeathCake's Characters    Tue Jul 10, 2012 5:50 am

Name: Mauvais Sygan

Gender: Male

Species: Half Elemental, Half Kybalion.

Age: 4,000

Appearance: Sygan appears around the age of 18 years old, his body slim but at the same time slightly toned from his years and years of Elemental duties. His hair is a mix between dark purple and light white, hanging down to his upper abdomen before stopping with the tips seeming like they've been dripped in orange-cream colored paint, his hair might sometimes even happen to turn into orange ''Clouds'' which isn't very common, but it's rare when somebody pays him mind enough to look at it. His eyes are a light ruby, mixed with purple, seeming to swirl around in a unending cycle, one can sometimes see a bolt of purple haze run though his eyes. His skin is a slightly dark color, almost being like.. Caramel like.

Sygan is normally dressed in a Twilight infused fabric that is somewhat like black silk, his clothes is almost exactly like silk sleeping wear, down from the breezy shirt, to the pants that always allow for a soft gust to pass though.

History: Born from the very essence between, Sygan easily became one of, if not the most powerful Element to ever live, the very elements of the moon and the sun was fused into the essence he was born from, but, with every light, came a dark shadow. That shadow by the name of Eternit, the Elemental of Nothingness. Though Sygan held no ill towards Eternit, the other simply wanted Sygan to join the void that was his very element.

Though Sygan's many trips and adventures though the universe, he sometimes ran into things that simply didn't seem like they belonged there, such as a sudden black hole in his way, escaping a rapidly crashing tomb of a past Elemental, only to be met with a stream of dark essence blocking his path. Little to say, he knew who did it. Leaving that area of the universe, he went to go confront Eternit, being met with five Elemental creations, each somehow made from his own fears and doubts.

Though a shear force of will and hope, he was able to break though his own doubts and fears, leaving the that part of the chamber Eternit had created to face off against the other, Eternit was in the top of the chamber, telling the universe that his rule would be absolute, Sygan heard this while entering the other's chambers, sickened at the very idea of Eternit ruling the universe, Eternit said that if Sygan would stand against him, the very second he raised a arm against him, his life would be ended.

After a vicious fight between the two Elementals, Eternit's own power began to reject him, even though his very lifeforce was beginning to be sucked within the endless void, he still tried to fight against Sygan and take his ''rightful'' place as ruler of the universe. His power consumed him until nothing was left but his head and his bones, with a dying scream, he proclaimed that he would return. Sygan returned to his own area, being greeted his Father, Rya two told Sygan that he knew what Eternit would had done to the universe if Sygan had not done what he did, though, Rya disliked the lost of a Elemental.

Sygan was gifted by his father, for showing courage against impossible odds, he obtained the power of Spectral Fire, flames that would never die out, for his love for adventure, he was also gifted with UFO-like transport constructs, allowing to to move though space at high speeds. The last gift was something that would truly relate to Sygan. Lordship over the Twilight Zone.

Thanking his father for his new found, Sygan set out though the universe, fixing what Eternit's short lived rule had brought on..

Items: UFO: Sygan has a UFO, which he uses to travel though space at high speeds, which can forged into a pocket sized form on Sygan's will.

Weapons: In Between: Sygan's weapon is a notepad, which has the very source of Twilight sealed within it, the book alone is powerful, but it obeys mental commands from Sygan, it has shown the power to float for endless periods of time, warp away from those who are it's master, releasing blasts of Twilight ranging from small zaps to full powered ''Kamehamaha'' levels, create guards of Twilight around itself and Sygan for prolonged protection, and even create constructs of Twilight. And many more things, the book is mystically linked to Sygan, making their bond unbreakable, if the book is somehow damaged, it instantly shifts into pure Twilight, then reforms back into it's first form.

Skills/Abilities: Sygan has the power to generate and manipulate twilight, a mixed essence between light and darkness. A combined power of Light and Darkness Manipulation. As the essence between, it controls how strong light is and how much space darkness has. To manipulate twilight a combination of Light and Darkness Manipulation must be formed, which could be as simple as standing before light-source to cast a shadow.

This particular substance can take the form of matter or energy depending on the Sygan's desire. Sygan has shown to shift his form into a Twilight Based Form, ranging from a purple haze to a fully formed body, control and create blasts of pure Twilight, ranging on size depending on his wish. Sygan is able to harden the Twilight around his body, creating something close to Twilight Armor, causing his body to become harder to harm, he has a level of control he can create Twilight Armor around a single area on his body.

Sygan is able to create barriers, shields, and wall out of Twilight, protecting himself or anything else he wants protected with the essence between, the barriers are quite hard and durable, he is even able to create Twilight Energy Golems, they don't really have a mind of their own, merely just follow Sygan's commands..But, Sygan has picked up on something that he simply can't seem to outrun, the very essence of Twilight has created itself a animal form, which is always found somewhere on Sygan's body, it took the form of a purple boa, the flesh of it like black diamonds, it possesses control over Twilight as well.

Sygan is able to form platforms of Twilight, ranging from the size of CD disks, to large windows for mass carrying, it is normally a much less energy-wasting form of travel for him, as well as being able to create platforms, he can do the same with binds of Twilight, and weapons of Twilight, both being able to mix to deadly effect, such as making a scythe and linking it to his hand with a lock.

Sygan is able to cast Twilight Effects Fields on areas of his choosing, which expand quickly allowing him to cause whatever effect he wants within the Twilight Field, like with all elemental powers, he is able to absorb his element if he is ''Running low'' of Twilight, which is as simple as standing in front of a light, making a shadow and breathing in, Sygan is able to create ''Comets'' of Twilight around his limbs, which bring down enough force to break though stone with a single punch, these ''Comets'' and be fired off like missiles.

Sygan is even able to double himself with Twilight, leaving behind afterimages or full clones, without focusing his Twilight energy, he can cause waves, spirals, rings, blasts, and bursts of pure Twilight energy, he can control darkness and light as a single form, which is also called Photo-Umbrakinesis, he has a ''Quintessence Force of Twilight'' within him, applying him with large amounts of energy, with his being a Elemental, and his connection with Aether, his condition could be called Supernatural. Sygan is in control of negative energy, usually from The Twilight Zone. The Twilight Zone is an alternate dimension. It is more widely known as the Bermuda Triangle or the Devil's Triangle. Having this power gives access to manipulation of that dimension, spectral fire, magnetism, time warps, spectral flares, portals to that Zone.

Sygan is in fact able to fly, gaining high speeds from pulsing Twilight from his body while in flight, by changing how much room light has, he can turn Invisible, hidden from the naked eyes, by shifting his body slightly to Twilight, he can gain Intangibility, by focusing Twilight though his very veins, his body becomes denser to damage, he also has something called Mystio-Telekinesis.

Fun Facts: Sygan is a bookworm, though he hides this face about him, his eye sight isn't really that good, making him wear glasses to see better, he dislikes contacts though.

Quote(s): "Oh, that's wonderful! Shame I don't care."

Theme Song: Queen- Don't Stop Me Now, Owl City, Carly Rae Jepsen - Good Time

Extra: N/A

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PostSubject: Re: LordDeathCake's Characters    Tue Jul 10, 2012 9:47 pm

Name:Atawhai 'Sugen'' Aiolos


Age:Around 19-22 of age.


Species:Gifted Human.

Appearance:Atawhai stands at a rather unimpressive 5'8, he weights around 140'Lbs, much to his disliking, his body shape is rather on the slim side, his arms are quite slender, as well is his legs and neck. But his legs are easily the biggest part of his body, taking most of his pounds there. Though he's anything but bony, he's simply..Slim. He isn't unnaturally thin, or on the side of freaky, once again, he's simply slim.

His cheeks always carries a slight blush to them, a large contrast to his rather pale skin tone, his eyes are a interesting Alizarin crimson, his silver, almost white locks of hair hangs around him in thick bundles, appearing as if Atawhai doesn't really take of himself that well, his hair stops at the base of his back. His hair is chopped in the front, leaving him with two, roughly cut locks of hair hanging in front of his forehead, while in the back it's less chopped.

Atahwhai always wears a small, black beret on the left side of his head, though it has a white lining inside the beret, the small beret has a one inch, star-shaped pin on the back of it, his shirt is more of a toned down, black and white dress shirt than anything else, cuff-links and all. His collar is slightly open due to the fact that he doesn't really button it up, or wear a tie..Most of the time. The torso is black and white, while the arms of the shirt are solid black. His lower half is kind of normal, wearing black and white shorts, along with equal-colored sandals.

Costume/uniform:His costume is somewhat like his normal outfit. A small black and white striped beret, which sits on the right side of his head, he rarely pulls it over his head, seeing that it's too small too do so. He wears a white, skin tight shirt which is longer than most shirts, reaching his mid leg, his shirt also has gold lines though it, they aren't all over his shirt though. Only going down his back, his arms, and down from his chest.

The sleeves of his shirt goes over his hands and covers them totally. But he is still able to roll them back and use his hands, he just perfers to let them hang over his hands. He also wears semi-tight black pants which somewhat like his shirt has golden lines down the legs and back. He normally rolls his pant legs over his shoes.

Power/Ability:Atawhai can influence the essences that is constantly generated by stars. Or, simply put, wield the energy and plasma generated by stars, and then manipulate that energy in a number of ways. Along with the electromagnetic, gravitational, ethereal, and radiational energies produced. There are powers based on the stars' visible traits and ones based on the Mythic Lore surrounding it, with enough focus Atawhai can tap into the Mythic side rather easily.

Atawhai is able to transform his body completely into stellar energy, leaving almost no traces of his first form depending on how much power he fuels into this form. Nigh Formed Stellar Form: He can change into mostly physical beings, with the energy flowing through his being, fortifying his cells, bones and muscles. Their power is mostly focused to his bodies and while he gain some amount of energy-attacks, the changes and applications are mostly internal.

Full-Formed Stellar Energy Beings are completely formed of energy, without anything truly left from his physical form. He gain impressive control over their form and vast capacity to expel energy in various ways.

With proper training and control, wielders will be able to generate his own plasma and control it like a limb. Also, since stars are believed to generate ethereal energy as well, it is possible that the users body will be a being of both plasma and aether. Along with unlocking this form, he obtained control over the four elements that revolve around Plasma, Crystal, Light, Fire and Electricity. While in this form, he can shift his body in a number of way, change his structure into a crystal, fire, light, and electric based forms, being able to control his own molecules, as well as gaining a physical condition that surpasses most people.

Personality:It's quite hard to truly explain Atawhai..Ah! Go get something nice to wear and sit down, you're about to meet Atawhai! When it comes to astronomy, this guy knows what he's talking about. He is a master of identifying celestial bodies, finding constellations, and even picking out planets in the night sky, truly no-one can match him when it comes to things in space.

He is the manager of a shop called: Astronomical Anomalies. He is rather stable money-wise, but he isn't rich or anything, he tries to bring in more money for himself, but..You can't have it all. He is a rather fun person once he gets off work, trying to spend his free days just enjoying life around him.

History:Atawhai was born in the very middle of winter, in a cabin in the snowy woods, his parents had gone there for a short break away from the hussle and bussle of the big city, his mother and father hadn't really prepared for his birth, so they had to move back to the city.

He grew up around mostly modern living styles, yet, he always liked the more urban side of the city.
By the time he was three, Atawhai was interested the stars, he always had been.

His family were travelers by heart, always moving around one place to another, his family went on moonlight-lit gondola rides though Venice, watching Northern Lights in Sweden, ah..Yes.

Atawhai was given a diary by his mother while staying in France for a while, so much to do..So little time. Atawhai began putting in his own names for the stars he saw in the sky every night, only to the amusement of his mother and father.

They did everything together, until a day came, his mother fell sick, going into the hospital to travel with his father and him anymore. Either of the two wanted to leave Atawhai's mother behind, Atawhai took up a talent while waiting for his mother to become better, fixing things up.

He went though his mother's old dresses, fixing them up while putting his own spin on them, he then found a dress that looked like it belonged to a queen or something in Atawhai's mind, not only did he fix it up, he designed it more, put better fabric in place of the old and everything. He couldn't want to show his mother! His father helped him wrap it up for a get-well soon gift for his mother.

His father took him to go see his mother, the doctors came out to meet him, Atawhai wasn't sure what was going on, his father's grip on his hand became tight, almost to the point of bruising before his father tried to explain what happened to his mother...

She went to live with the stars his father told him, he would see her one day. Atawhai didn't even understand what he meant by that, she was in sky? How did she get there?

Many years later, Atawhai found out the truth. He and his father was able to live with the huge lost in their lives, Atawhai grew older, his interests changed, he started out selling his old designs away, people seemed to like them.

He made more, and more, though..His designs started to become..Dull. He needed something that would get him back on track, something..Atawhai gathered up the cash he had, told his father where he was going, and went off. To find his track.

He traveled the world like he once did with his family, but where was his track? He stopped his travel in England, renting a hotel room for a couple of days, he would be staying there for a while, he went around the place once or twice....

But it still didn't have his track. He went back to his hotel room, watching the sun pass over the ''Torch'' to the moon, as the moon came up, he went down..Into a bed.

Atawhai's dream was blank, nothing there. A Void to say the least. It seemed that even darkness was gone from the place, simply nothing there. Out of the blue(Or Void...)came a blinding light, creating shadows among the ground, the light faded in it's place..His mother stood there, a healthy glow around her person.

Atawhai wasn't sure to be scared or joyful, his mother had came back! But..She didn't say anything, she simply walked up to Atawhai, putting her hand on his arm before..He woke up.


That was all Atawhai felt, but the pain came from the same place his mother touched him in the dream, his arm. It felt like it was melting from the inside, pain racing to Atawhai's very core, and then..

Nothing, the pain had utterly stopped, but the dark of his room was now lit up..By his arm. His arm was covered in glowing, sparkling energy of some sort..He had found it.

His track.

Strengths:Atawhai is a rather good off designer, this going outside the boundary of clothes. He is able of wielding his power to a more energy-conserving way, other than just attacking randomly. He can focus his power into parts of his body, enhancing his attacks to be more harming.

Extra:Has chose a side to join, is currently thinking about it.

Fraction:Meh, he can be a villain or a hero, might be interesting.

Rank:None, is currently just a shop-keeper.
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PostSubject: Re: LordDeathCake's Characters    

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LordDeathCake's Characters

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