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 Nick's Charries

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Nick the GGS
Nick the GGS
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PostSubject: Nick's Charries   Mon Jan 30, 2012 6:23 am

Name: Nick
Nickname/Title: The Great Gas Sprite
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Unknown Fairy Creature
Height: 1'9
Weight: 34 lbs

Abilities: Nick is The Great Gas Sprite, the most flatulent creature in the universe. As such, most his abilities are based around his horrible farts. A few of his known abilities include.

Legendary Blast- Nick's bread and butter attack. A massive fart attack which deals damage and blows the target back.

Come get it!- Nick gives a cheeky grin and tauntingly slaps his bottom at the opponent. Unless they can resist their anger they must attack him on their next turn.

Choking Fog- A big brown cloud which will deal damage to everyone, except Nick, who's inside it. This includes his allies however.

Stun Blast- A huge stinky fart which will leave the opponent stunned. They have a 50% chance of being unable to act on their next turn.

Gas Jet- Nick launches himself forward with a huge fart. Tackling the opponent. On impact he'll do a flip, and fart again to launch of them and deal extra damage.

Charge- Nick builds up his gas, making his next attack more powerful. If he charges three times in a row, without being knocked out of it, he'll enter Jupiter Mode.

Jupiter Mode- Nick's more powerful form, after charging three times. In it all his moves become stronger, and he gains access to vastly stronger attacks.

Super Stench- Characters who are normally immune to smell-based attacks instead take 1/4 damage from Nick's farts.

Gas Bomb- Nick farts a small cloud, which will explode in about 10 seconds.

Gassy Mimic- Nick creates two clones which fight alongside him. If hit they'll explode into a fart cloud dealing damage. Hitting him will destroy both.

Toxic Smog*- Nick uses his gas jet to launch forward, except the "contrail" is massive, dealing huge damage to everyone caught in it.

Atomic Burst*- A huge gross fart which has a 50% chance of stunning all opponents, and 25% chance of stunning allies.

Noxious Nuke*- Nick charges for two turns. After that he farts out a massive cloud that will KO anyone caught in it. Fortunately they have two turns to get away, or knock him out of it.

Overwhelming Stench*- Characters who are normally immune to smell-based attacks instead take 1/2 damage from Nick's farts.

Smelly Lockdown**- Nick lets a nasty fart on the target, and they're totally stunned by the fart. He can then do a second attack on his turn AND they can do nothing on their next turn. Unless the opponent has a team or summons he can use this indefinitely.

Incomprehensable Stench**- Nick's farts are exempt from any immunities.

Calamity Gas**- Nick charges for two turns, then releases a fart so horrific that it totally destroys the arena. KO to all other characters. Running is futile, but he can be knocked out of it, but it's not easy unless you have a large team whailing on him.

*Moves marked with a star are only usable in Jupiter Mode. He has them from the start in the Godmoddy section however. Those with two stars are GM only.

Fairy- As a fairy creature, Nick is effectively immortal and can cross between worlds through unknown means.


Personality: The Great Gas Sprite is cheerful and energetic, but also smug and arrogant. He's legendary in the fairy realm and fairly well known in mortal regions, but not nearly as much as he believes himself to be. He'll be quite aggressive with those he feels don't show him enough respect, and he never turns down a fight. If he does lose, he'll make excuses and claim he was just playing with them. Though a thorough defeat is a good way to make him like you, even if he wouldn't admit it. He's a massive glutton and will eat almost anything, and infact he travels between worlds to try food most of the time. Though he also loves to have adventures and fight tough opponents. He prides himself as both adorable and tough, and stressing one over the other tends to make him angry.

History: Nick is a strange fairy creature, known for his attitude and disgusting fighting style. He is easily hundreds of years old, as time doesn't really exist in his homeworld. Nick has traveled the multiverse for eons, appearing on different worlds across the ages. He's both recognized as a hero, as fighting evil is fun, and as a terror, due to his tendancy to pick fights at the slightest provocation. Not much about his past is known at all, as he rarely talks about himself outside of his reputation and skills. Nick's method of crossing dimensions is seemingly unknown. It's not one of his natural powers, and he has no known artifacts or items. He just seems to come and go with no explination at all. It's also unknown how much control he has of the process. Regardless, this only adds to his reputation, as he can appear anywhere across time and space.

RP Notes: As a world traveler, he's suited for pretty much any type of RP. Granted, a little sprite creature with fart attacks might not fit some more serious rps, but he can always take on more of a non-combat support role or something for it. Or if you wanted to get really dark, we could explore the fact that he's basically a walking chemical weapon Razz. While the order will be ambiguous, generally every version of him is canon at the same time, as wandering time and space is his hobby. Unless of course they have massive changes made, and even then they may have some effect on him.
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Nick's Charries

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