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 FAQ: Most of your questions answered here

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FAQ: Most of your questions answered here  Empty
PostSubject: FAQ: Most of your questions answered here    FAQ: Most of your questions answered here  EmptyThu Dec 01, 2011 11:22 pm

Q: Why does K.Dracone tell me my character can’t use the Pokegear or Pokedex?
A: Because you didn’t post your character in the "Character Information" topic provided. If you don’t post your character there Professor Oak wouldn’t have been able to give you the Pokegear or Pokedex.

Q: Can I have more than six Pokemon?
A: Yes. You’ll be able to catch more Pokemon throughout the RP. However, to keep tradition, after you have 6 Pokemon any other Pokemon you catch will be sent to the PC box. A trainer is only allowed to have 6 Pokemon on them.

Q: Can I have more than one legendary Pokemon?
A: No, you’re only allowed to have one legendary Pokemon.

Q: Legendary and rare Pokemon?
A: Some Pokemon are mistaken to be legendary when they are truly rare. These Pokemon are Rare Pokemon: Regice, Registeel, Regirock, Latias, Latios, Deoxys, Phione, Manaphy, and Shaymin.
Q: Does this mean I can have more than one rare Pokemon?
A: Yes multiple of these Pokemon are allowed EXCEPT the Regi’s (Regice, Registeel, and Regirock). There’s only been one of each shown in the anime and manga therefore it’s unclear if there is more than one.

Q: My Pokemon has been Confused/Frozen/Put to sleep/Paralyzed. How will I know when the status ailments effect takes place?
A: Click here to view rulings on ailments.

Q: Can my Pokemon hold items like Quick Claw or Oran berry?
A: Yes your Pokemon can hold any one item possible. When your Pokemon is sent out to battle you must either include a description of what your Pokemon is holding or you can clearly state the name of the item. Also held items can be changed throughout the RP. Your Pokemon isn’t entitled to keep the same item it first held.

Q: If I give my Pokemon a nature and/or a characteristic will a particular stat be boosted like in the video game?
A: No. Pokemon natures and characteristics will not affect the stat of a Pokemon. Feel free to give your Pokemon nature and characteristics just remember stats will not be involved in the process.

Q: Can my Pokemon have an Ability like Intimidate or Water Absorb?
A: Yes Pokemon are allowed to have one Ability.

Q: Are the battles real or are they “scripted”?
A: The battles are real! So take them seriously if you get in one.

Q: I want to battle someone instead of my friends and the bad guys. Do I just make up a battle scene?
A: No. Simply type (Random Battle#) at the end of your post. # means how many Pokemon you want to participate in the battle. For example, if you wanted a 3vs3 Pokemon battle you would type (Random Battle3) at the end of your post and K.Dracone will generate a Pokemon trainer for you to battle with.

Q: How do I train my Pokemon so I can prepare for tougher battles?
A: You can battle your friends, initiate (Random Battle#), watch others battle, even read guides on what your Pokemon benefit in.

Q: My Flying Pokemon has wings and is capable of flying by itself. Does it really have to learn the move Fly to fly around?
A: Your flying Pokemon does not have to learn fly but keep in mind if your Pokemon is relatively small you can’t jump on its back and fly across the map because it will be too small.

Q: My Water Pokemon is capable of swimming by itself does it really have to learn Surf?
A: Keep in mind that swimming and Surf are two different concepts. Your swimming pokemon is capable of swimming naturally and you can also cross any body of water with your pokemon without the usage of Surf. Surf is an attack that causes the Pokemon to create a huge wave that crashes down on your opponent so it doesn’t need to be learned in order for your Pokemon to swim but it can possibly provide as a useful attack.

Q: I’m thinking that I would also like to play as one of the bad guys. Is that possible?
A: It is possible but there isn’t any guarantee you’ll be granted the use of one of the bad guys in the RP. Contact K.Dracone through Private Messaging to discuss this.

Q: My question isn't listed here is there another way of asking my question?
A: Indeed there is, you can ask your question to K.Dracone through Private Messaging or by going into the Union Room.

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FAQ: Most of your questions answered here

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