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 Adalwulf's Prison Cell

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The King of Zero
The King of Zero
Prominent Artist
Prominent Artist

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PostSubject: Adalwulf's Prison Cell   Fri Jun 10, 2011 9:07 pm

Heat controlled cell. Stays at a constant 99 Fahrenheit to ensure he can’t focus enough energy to morph. If the heater fails then heat a special heat straight jacket must be worn at all times.

A face mask with blades drenched in Chile powder, garlic, onion and Tabasco extract. The special straight jacket adding steel binds that restrict and bind his neck, hands, back and feet together.

4 male guards present at all times with enough tranquilizers to kill 4 herds of African bull elephants.

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Adalwulf Waldheri
Adalwulf Waldheri
Desired To Imagine
Desired To Imagine

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PostSubject: Re: Adalwulf's Prison Cell   Sun Jun 12, 2011 10:16 pm

Sigh... why must I suffer the embarrassment of staying in this horrendous position all the time... -sniff sniff- hmm the guards are coming

-As the guards cautiously approach Adalwulf's cell they prepare the tranquilizers which peer off extendable steel rods-
Guard number 1: Hey! Snuggles! Get yer lazy ass up! It's time for-- he's smacked by guard number 2-- what the! Why'd you do that for?!"
Guard number 2: "I'm sorry Adalwulf, but Henry's wife hasn't put out for him in about 3 weeks, you know how the animosity builds up."
Adalwulf chuckles: "My my that's a good one, but I could've told you that. I can smell his pitiful seed on his leg from his little "bathroom break." Love the animal reference by the way."
Guard number 1: Why you twisted son of a---"
Guard number 2: Enough Henry. Now Adalwulf, there's an orientation you have to attend so we're gonna restrain you now okay?"
Adalwulf: "I see. Come on in then Jack"
Guard number 2: Thank you. Oh by the way, if you're on your best behavior I get a bone from the big guys upstairs. And if I get a bone, you get a bone. Get me?
Adalwulf: Hmm I see. Okay. Cards and... Whiskey?? -he said in an almost pleading tone-
Guard number 2: Of course. I'll even get your favorite 15 year old bottle.
Adalwulf: !! My what a hard bargain to pass up. Well no promises but we'll see. Depends if any other "treats" are up there, I heard we have... females in the prison now... -with a glare in his eyes that always made Jack feel uncomfortable-
Guard number 2: That's for us to know. Here's a new toy for you - as Jack pulls out a thick blindfold from his gear bag-
Adalwulf: What? No dinner and a movie? How rude, but if you're that eager to...
Guard number 2: Oh HA-HA. It's a new restraint. Even I must tell you, DON'T LET IT ACTIVATE.
Adalwulf: Fine. Let's Get this over with. And don't forget our "arrangement" Jackie boy
Guard number 2: ONLY IF you behave.

And with that they blindfold Adalwulf, securing the goggle-like blindfold, make double sure his jacket is on nice and tight, and bring in Adalwulf's cursed portable prison which places him in that hideous position.
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Adalwulf Waldheri
Adalwulf Waldheri
Desired To Imagine
Desired To Imagine

Posts : 594
Points : 3569
Karma : 13
Join date : 2011-02-14

PostSubject: Re: Adalwulf's Prison Cell   Tue Jun 28, 2011 6:08 pm

Jack: Adalwulf! There's a banquet tonight, you're going yes?
Adalwulf: No I'd rather sleep...
Jack: They're having your favorite food there~
Adalwulf: Hmm... sounds delightful. Will they be serving THAT as well?
Jack: I highly doubt that.
Adalwulf: ..... Sigh... I didn't think so. Well hopefully I'll be able to pick that up there -evil chuckle-
Jack: If you behave yourself you can have the whole bottle when we play cards.
Adalwulf:.... Make it two whole bottles and we have a deal
Jack: Dammit man those bottles are expensive!
Adalwulf: Well?
Jack: ... Fine you fuzzball let's get you all ready to go.

*Jack nods towards Henry to have the towing machine ready. He then places the razor mask on his face while adjusting the second layer of heated straight jacket on
Adalwulf: Sigh. The only reason I'm in all this stupid junk is because I can't control my urges when I sense female presence. Other than that I'm practically the second most behaved inmate here.
Jack: Yes we know that. but rules are rules.

*Jack wishes he didn't have to restrain him so, but he of all people know what could happen. And so he continues restraining him putting on the now strengthened whole-body restraint.
Jack: Alright, MOVE OUT!
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PostSubject: Re: Adalwulf's Prison Cell   

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Adalwulf's Prison Cell

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