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 Criminal Records

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The King of Zero
The King of Zero
Prominent Artist
Prominent Artist

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Criminal Records Empty
PostSubject: Criminal Records   Criminal Records EmptyFri May 27, 2011 8:06 pm

This is the place to post all the prisoners in this RP. When you post your character you will also be given a cell.

Please at least include:
Personality and level of friendliness:
Favorite and least favorite food:
Family Members:
Weapon(s)[They will be kept in an evidence room]:
Prison Cell Restraint(Also a portable restraint for out of cell travel):
Criminal Record(List of crimes and a bio):

Feel free to add anything else you want about your character.

Criminal Records King-o10

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Chaest Skadi
Chaest Skadi
The Creator!
The Creator!

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Criminal Records Empty
PostSubject: Re: Criminal Records   Criminal Records EmptySat May 28, 2011 12:10 pm

Criminal Records Akigo_10
Akigo Namine
Epithet: The Aqua Soul Killer
Age: 25
Wanted Dead or Alive
Bounty Alive: $100,000,000
Bounty Dead: $150,000,000
Wanted For: The Murder of countless individuals internationally.
Profile: A two faced sociopathic, playboy. Witnesses state that he has been known to target both males and females, seducing them and killing them in cold blood. Sources warn that he is most dangerous in areas where there is high moisture capacity. Do NOT take on solo. He is wanted on every continent.
Abilities: The absorption and manipulation of water and its forms, by direct contact with his hands, feet, and mouth.
Psychological Profile: A very calm, and wonderfully mannered young man. He doesn't mind talking to the other inmates or even the other guards.
Family Members: The head of security is actually his brother.
Favorite Food: Filet Mignon and Rock Lobster Tail, served with a sauteed vegetable medley, on top of a bed of wild rice pilaf. For desert he loves gourmet chocolate truffles.
Least Favorite: Roast Pheasant with plum, rosemary sauce, with zuchini and mashed garlic potatoes.

Prison Restraints:
A de-humidified room, with a vast temperature increase.
A straight Jacket, that binds his hands across his chest.
A respirator mask, connected to a mini de-humidifier. The mask covers his mouth and noise and dissipates all but the bare minimum of water in his body. As a result he gains a dehydrated almost mummified appearance.
Covering his feet are vulcanized rubber socks, combined with a metal cell, keeps him from absorbing water.
For taking trips he requires the use of a specially heated metal transportation dock. It has the same concept as his cell. Its shaped like an iron maiden, and even features heated prods, in case of “disobedience”.

Our life's a stage, a comedy: either learn to play and take it lightly, or bear its troubles patiently.

I've rescinded your right to live because you aspired to cut my pride with such a dull blade.

There's nothing unusual here…The appropriate one stands in the appropriate place after the inappropriate ones have collapsed to the ground, defeated. There is nothing unexpected or odd about it. Because this is reality. Not one shred of uncertainty exists here. Not even fear, of course…

Criminal Records Byakuy11
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Adalwulf Waldheri
Adalwulf Waldheri
Desired To Imagine
Desired To Imagine

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Criminal Records Empty
PostSubject: Re: Criminal Records   Criminal Records EmptyMon May 30, 2011 12:38 am

Name: Adalwulf Fuerst

Age: 24
Gender: Male
Ability: Anamorphic- into an 11 foot 1127 pounds. And if severely agitated can be a hybrid of both bear and human

Personality and level of friendliness: Very social person by nature. Needs to be handled by MALE ONLY guards and caretakers, if a female comes within contact of him and left unwatched for even 2.9 seconds she won’t be seen again.
Favorite and least favorite food: Favorite-A Medium Rare Corned-Beef Pot Roast, sided with mashed potatoes, carrots, medium rare female flesh, (specifically from the breast of thigh where it’s most tender,) and with a 15-year old, pot-stilled Irish Whiskey (Yummmm <3)
Least favorite-Anything Chicken, anything with garlic, onions, or cilantro, beets, and salads.

Family Members: The recently deceased Young Baroness Waldheri, (which happens to be why he’s here)

Weapon(s) [They will be kept in an evidence room]: An 8-inch knife, 4 iron claws, plastic explosives, and assault rifle, (modified)

Prison Cell Restraint (Also a portable restraint for out of cell travel): Heat controlled cell. Must stay at a constant 99 Fahrenheit to ensure he can’t focus enough energy to morph. If the heater fails then heat a special heat straight jacket must be worn at all times. Portable restraint- 4 male guards present at all times with enough tranquilizers to kill 4 herds of African bull elephants. A face mask with blades drenched in Chile powder, garlic, onion and Tabasco extract. The special straight jacket adding steel binds that restrict and bind his neck, hands, back and feet together. Although extremely dangerous he is relatively extremely well behaved and well mannered unless you skip meal time.

Criminal Record (List of crimes and a bio): Pending on which crime in which nation you want to start with. Mainly out from the German highlands but an Irish native, Adalwulf started young and at age 4 had killed a family in Berlin as a result of finding his… “Gift”. By age 6 had held up his first store not for money, for he came from a wealthy family, but for Whiskey! Whiskey, an expensive cigar, and 4 lollipops! By 13 he’d had his first successful kidnap/ransom. From then on he’d grown a taste for human flesh after an accident at home and had devoured most of his mother and let his father hang for it. All he said was, “Oh well. Time to expand.”
He left Ireland to his closest KNOWN living relative, the Baroness Waldheri who also knew of his situation. And with all the funding behind him he sharpened his skills of kidnapping, robberies, murders while making it look like others did it, forgeries, etc. Until one day back home after weeks without food, in a hunger fueled burst of insanity, raped and ate his third aunt and collapsed from the sudden intake. The horrors that those poor officers saw upon the walks, ceiling, and floors. All they found was a carcass and a blood covered young man in tears of the loss of his family, his love toy, and friend. Along the way of his life, Adalwulf had developed a deep love for women. Everything about them excited him. Their hair, their smell, their skin, their smell, their taste.
After being arrested for the murder they sent Adalwulf to the farthest and most secure place on earth: La Protezione dal Male

Criminal Records Eyes_Rutherford-1
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Admin-Tech Head
Admin-Tech Head

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Criminal Records Empty
PostSubject: Re: Criminal Records   Criminal Records EmptyMon May 30, 2011 10:28 am

Criminal Records Haso_m10

Name: Haso Maso

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Ability: Conjuring ice from his hands and dagger

Personality and level of friendliness: He loves to brag about himself and can be pretty friendly but he chooses a select few who gets his friendliness

Favorite and least favorite food: He has no favorites but least favorite plain rice by itself.

Family Members: Maso's which consist of a father, mother, two brothers and sisters.

Weapon: a dagger with a precious sapphire stone at the end of the hilt. (look at his picture)

Prison Cell Restraint: his hands are tied behind his back with his hands covered with gloves that are made out of 3 layers of steel. He has no portable cell as he is known to cooperate with authorities but is still guarded 5 guards. 2 stand in the front and the other 3 in the back

Criminal Record: At age 20, Haso started his mass murder of all rich individuals. He would skewer their bodies with his ice or tear them into pieces with his ice and before the pieces fell he would freeze them in an instant to make it a kind of "display". The reason he murders only rich individuals is unknown and seeing as Haso was already rich unless there was competition between families, which there wasn't, there could be no logical reason to why. His murder streak continued out to 10 different states and looking at the number of murders he was able to finish the job within a matter of minutes to be able to move on to his next victim.

Predecessor of the Shadows Criminal Records Profil12
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Top Recruiter
Top Recruiter

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Criminal Records Empty
PostSubject: Re: Criminal Records   Criminal Records EmptyMon May 30, 2011 6:03 pm

Criminal Records Karii10

Name: Karii Gen
Age: ??
Height: 5'5
Gender: Female
Race: Alchemist
Disorder: Tourettes
Ability: Turn any/all of her body into metal.
As well as molding any material except rubber or plastic into metal.
Friendliness: 1-10; 7
Personality: Simple, Serious, Laid-back, Devious
Favorite and least favorite food: Favorite Food, Children. Least Favorite, Real Food.
Family Members: Little Brother Kai (deceased), Mother Kia (deceased)
Father Ken (Runaway with a Bounty on his head for the murder of Kai and Kia)
Weapon(s): She is her own weapon.
Prison Cell Restraint: Rubber Room. Plastic Cuffs.

Karii Gen, the not-so blonde girl is stabilized in an all white-rubber prison cell.
Arrested for torturing children in elementary schools in different states of the nation, and branding them.
An alchemist with the ability to mold guns, bullets, swords, keys, and full model scale suits of armor from anything around her. (Also, her personal favorite item; handcuffs.)
She isn't the sharpest tool in the shed considering her disorder messes up her thought process.
Every time she comes up with a plan to escape her cell, it's interrupted with a random thought.

List of Crimes:
Tortured Minors

Last edited by KumoKittDawn on Wed Jun 01, 2011 6:39 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Uprising Star
Uprising Star

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Criminal Records Empty
PostSubject: Re: Criminal Records   Criminal Records EmptyTue May 31, 2011 7:33 pm

Criminal Records Rpgirl13

Nickname: Ki
Age: A kindergarden kid.
Height: See above age to imagine how small and fluffy she is.
Gender: girl
Ability/bio: An IQ of 300 this kid is trying to conduct an experiment. Killing anybody she meets any way possible she is testing out her hypothesis. She is unable to feel pain because of a disorder called TNASH (type 5 hereditary sensory and autonomic neuropathy) and her full body potential is unlocked.
Personality and level of friendliness: Friendly. So very friendly that you won't see it coming. And very huggable and easy to carry.
Favorite and least favorite food: Loves sweets (and anything cute). Hates spicy foods.
Weapon(s)[They will be kept in an evidence room]: Two katanas and one pocket knife.
Prison Cell Restraint(Also a portable restraint for out of cell travel): With a restraint jacket and she's handcuffed to the cross with extra super duralumin, which is known for its use in aircraft construction. The belts and garments is made of multilayered design combining both kevlar and aramid fibers for durability and control. Needs to be feed through a tube and kept under tight security through cameras. Third time she had to change rooms since she's broken out of the other's but putting stress on her muscles expand her strength and destroy the restraints. Well actually first time she was helped out cause of how innocent she looked. Sadly the one who helped her almost escaped also was killed by her. She also needs her own personal guard to make sure that she hasn't ripped out of her restraint jackets yet.
Criminal Record(List of crimes):
-Stabbed a girl in the eye
-sliced the head of off a teacher
-slashed a girl's intestines
-chocked a women and used a collar to hang her

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Criminal Records Empty
PostSubject: Re: Criminal Records   Criminal Records Empty

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Criminal Records

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