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PostSubject: Introduction   Introduction EmptySat May 14, 2011 3:27 pm

Setting: Pseudo Feudal Asia
However characters can be from any continent, for whatever reason. The main story will take in Japan however.
Year: 3000
Plot: Years after a major global scale war, most of the world changed dramatically. Although many countries were able to move forward technologically, many have partially regressed, particularly Asia. China and Japan rule most of Asia with both of them returning to Emperor rule. In this time, internal strife is frequently mixed with the peace, as the League of Samurai serves as grand scale police. However in opposition, the powerful Ken wa Kami serve as a balance for the League, as Daimyos, Shoguns, and Lords try and gain power.

Technology and Magic:
Partial technology, electricity and appliances such as TVs are common however computers and the like are vastly gone. Magic is prevalent here, but it is mostly applied to the uses of forgery.
North America:
Taken over the world as the technological capital. Magic is very much scarce here, being regarded as a “spiritual lottery”.
South America:
Even more technologically regressed than Asia. They do however have huge strides in magic.
Technology and magic are very intermixed here. Healing and Alchemical magic are very common amongst the inhabitants.
A typically normal, continent. It acts as an international mediator for various global disputes. It also served as the world library keeping records of everything that happens.
Has become the international prison for every continent. A lawless land, where only the strongest can survive. It is a magical and technological wasteland.

Swords are the application of technology and magic to forgery. They can take any form, from traditional blades, armor, clothing, jewelry, etc.. Each Sword has their own ability unique to itself. Although anyone can wielded and claim a sword. The more powerful Swords can only be wielded by those the Sword chooses, such as the “Swords” of the Ken wa Kami.

Spirit Dash:
This is a special dash trick that the user leaves a very transparent after image behind due to him pushing off the ground with his feet hard. Very useful for dodging.

Musou Ability:
Musou is a spiritual technique in the sense the character concentrates his inner energy in order to unlock their bodies true potential. This process is done by the nervous system, mostly in the brain, being trigged in order to match the level of the person entering his Musou. Musou is gained by excitement such as when a user engages in battle and is attacking or being attacked or is moving around quiet quickly/hastily. Musou can also be gained through concentration of the inner force. A Musou ability enhances the users bodily capabilities by increasing their attack power, defensive state, speed or any other contributions. The ability is usually used as a trump card meaning the Musou ability is a true devastating skill and as a result the Musou ability can't be used for long. (in RP musou ability can only last 1-2 post only so be sure to make a powerful ability BUT make sure you're not godmodding. If you need help ask ^^) When this form of Musou is used the user uses up all his musou ability and won't be able to use it again until the next battle. There are some instances where the user can use Musou without completely draining it all for example, using the Musou to create a small defensive wall of energy it uses up Musou but not all of it.

RP Musou Gain/Lose Points:
This is how you will determine how much Musou your character has/gained.
Maximum Points (meaning you have Full Musou and can't gain anymore.)= 50 pts.
Moving Hastily= 5 pts.
Attacking the Opponent= 5pts.
Being Attacked=10 pts.
Concentration= 25pts.
Using Small Scale Musou Ability= -10pts.

(If you need more information on the point gaining or musou ability PM K.Dracone)

Sword Art & Sword Style:
Only people with normal swords and katanas, NOT "Swords", can use this technique. Sword Art enhances the users sword/katana giving it a new quality. For example, one persons Sword Style might be the swords slashing power depending on how strong the wind is in the area. Sword Style further increases the effects of Sword Art. For example, one persons Sword Style might be the swords slashing power depending on how strong the wind is in the area while the wind also acts as a secondary slash like a wind slash.

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Introduction Byakuy11
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